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DVD+RW Video Recording Format

NOTE: This information explains DVD+VR formats in general. However, DVD+VR writing also requires DVD+VR compatible authoring software. For details, please ask your software vendor/supplier.

The DVD+RW Video Recording Format , also called DVD+VR , is the video recording format stipulated by the DVD+RW Alliance. The main feature is that it allows adding, editing, partial deleting, and partial overwriting on a DVD+RW disc, while still retaining compatibility with ordinary DVD players. You can enjoy creating and editing with ease.

<<Main Features of the DVD+VR format>>



It does not require any specific knowledge or operation.

It allows you to add, partially delete, or change menus that the DVD-Video format will not.

If the Authoring software you are using supports DVD+VR, you will be able to create the same works as you can with the usual authoring software. For details please consult the software manual.


A DVD disc recorded in the DVD+VR format will be able to playback on ordinary DVD-Video players just like those recorded in the standard DVD-Video format. The compatibility still remains even after you edit or add data to the disc.

This is because the DVD+VR format is recorded in a manner very to similar to the DVD-Video specification.

VBR supported

It was pretty common to record using CBR (Constant Bit Rate), for real time recording on a disc. However the DVD+VR format is able to record with VBR (Variable Bit Rate) recording methods, even during real time recording, due to the availability of this Loss-less Linking technology.

It will allow you to successfully combine long time recording with high quality.

Combination of Consumer Electronics and your PC

The DVD+VR format offers recording compatibility between a DVD+RW/+R Video Recorder (Consumer Electronics) and a DVD+RW/+R Writer (your PC).

You can record your favorite video on a Recorder and then add or edit video data on a Writer with a PC. You can record again on a Recorder, using the same disc. The disc will also maintain playback compatibility on a ordinary DVD player.

Lossless-Linking Technology

Lossless-Linking Technology

Originally DVD-Video format was for Playback Only DVD Read-Only media. The DVD+VR format is an advanced format that maintains DVD-Video compatibility.
It is a Lossless-Linking technology compatible with the DVD+RW/+R standards that provides the flexibility of both recording and playback compatibility.

* Direct disc Recording depends on the writing software and CPU performance. For the detail, please consult the software manual.
* For information on Playback compatibility on ordinary DVD players,please visit here.
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