FAQ for all DVD/CD Drive Models

Audio playback / Noise problems

When you get noise on media recorded or used with a DVD/CD drive, please understand the problem could be caused by any the following.

  • The disc.
  • PC settings.
  • A sound card or a sound cable.
  • A problem during writing if it is a Recordable/Rewritable disc.
  • The DVD/CD drive, itself.

[NOTE] For information about DVD video sound, gohere.



When you get noise on a CD-R disc written by a Ricoh drive.

Please check the following to find out the cause.

  • Try the disc with the other CD-ROM drive or a personal CD player.
  • Try writing again with another CD-R disc, especially one from among the recommended media, such as one from Ricoh.
  • Check the source audio CD disc to see if there is something bent or scratch. Try writing with other audio CDs.
  • If you copied directly from CD to CD, change your writing method by creating wave files on the HDD first, using the Ricoh drive, not using the CD-ROM drive. Also it is a good idea to listen to the wave files before you try writing them.
  • Quit all other programs before writing, especially memory resident programs.
  • Defragment your HDD before writing.
  • Try writing at a lower speed.
  • Try listening via the headphone jack on the front panel of the drive, if there is one.
  • Update the firmware of the drive to the latest version.
  • Update your software, if possible.
  • SCSI model: Check the SCSI card or cable.
  • Look atthis pagefor reference.

If none of this helps, please consult the distributor.

Ifyou get noise while playing back with a Ricoh drive.

  • Try listening to several other commercial audio CDs for comparison.
  • If the problem appears only with the CD-R disc created, refer to the topic above.
  • Try listening with the headphone jack on the front panel of the drive, if there is one.
  • Check the sound card or the sound cable.

If none of this helps, you please consult the distributor.

In Windows Me, I cannot enable the Digital Audio Playback option in the drive's properties from Device Manager - CD-ROM, which stays grayed-out.

You will not be able to check this option in the following cases.

  • A sound card is not installed in the PC.
  • The sound card driver is not compatible with digital audio playback.

This situation depends on the PC or the sound card and it is not a malfunction of the drive.

Speakers works but the headphone jack on the front panel doesn't.

When the digital CD audio for the device is enabled, the headphone jack does not work. The headphone jack outputs in analogue. After removing the check mark from this option, the speakers will work. You can find this option from:

  • [Windows 95/98/98SE]
    Control Panel >> Multimedia >> Audio CD tab.

  • [Windows Me, Windows 2000 pro, Windows XP]
    Device Manager >> CD-ROM >> the 'Properties' tab of the RICOH drive.

NOTE: If you have installed Media Player 7, then check to see if it is installed properly: Tools >> Options >> CD audio tab, then remove the digital audio playback option.

Playback of Copy Protected Audio Discs:

For details please gohere.

Configuration needed to output sound without an audio cable.

The configuration below allows you to output sound CD audio without connecting an audio cable between a drive and a sound card.

[Windows Media Player 7]

Run Windows Media Player 7 >> Tools >> Options >> CD Audio >> Add a checkmark to enable the digital audio playback option >> Quit Windows Media Player once to save the option.

[Windows Media Player 9 / WindowsMediaPlayer preinstalled with Windows XP]

Run Windows Media Player >> Tools >> Options >> Device >> Choose the drive to be used playback >> Add a checkmark to enable Digital for Playback >> Quit Windows Media Player to save the option.

[If Windows Media Player is NOT installed]

NOTE: If the [*] option is in gray and cannot be enabled, your sound card driver may not support the option. Please ask the supplier of your sound card for details.

  • For Windows Me, 2000

    Right click on My Computer >> Properties >> Hardware >> Device Manager >> DVD/CD-ROM drive >> Double click on the drive to begin playback >> Properties >> Add a checkmark to 'Enable digital CD-ROM audio for this CD-ROM device'* >> Click OK

  • For Windows 98/98SE

    Control Panel >> Multimedia >> Audio CD >> Add checkmark to 'Enable digital CD-ROM audio for this CD-ROM device'* >> Click OK
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