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How many times can I overwrite CD-RW disc?

The Orange Book specifies a Standard value of approximately 1,000 times. However, the actual number achieved on RICOH CD-RW media indicate it is possible to perform several thousand re-writes. Furthermore, in Random Access Writes, particularly areas of the file management data which are frequently updated, RICOH employs a method that avoids overwriting as much as possible. Therefore, there is little need to worry about the number of overwrites.

Why is the recording surface of the RICOH CD-R media silver-colored?

This is due to the material called phthalocyanine, which is a dye used for its superior light resistance. By developing and employing its own original phthalocyanine dye, RICOH has achieved better data durability and higher compatibility over the green cyanine products.

What is random access write?

It is a method for CD-RW media that allows the customer to perform partial erase and writes.

What are the different uses for CD-R and CD-RW discs?

Once data is written to CD-R media, the data cannot be overwritten. Thus, CD-R media is suitable for data archiving, including important documents such as contracts and proof of records such as accounting documents and the like. Another major feature of CD-R media is their high compatibility with nearly all CD-ROM drives. In comparison, CD-RW media can be repeatedly overwritten and therefore the best solution would be for frequent backups of your hard disk drive.

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