FAQ for all DVD/CD Drive Models

Firmware and Driver

NOTE: This page provides information about Driver and Firmware for RICOH DVD/CD drives.
We sometimes have a request for a driver when a user encounters problems, but please be sure you understand the difference between FIRMWARE, DRIVERS and WRITING SOFTWARE. It is the FIRMWARE UPDATER that we provide over the RICOH web site.


What is required for using a Ricoh drive? Are there any drivers available?

[Reading] No specific driver is needed.
Because the drive uses the standard Windows CD-ROM driver built into the Windows operating system. The drive will be automatically recognized as a CD-ROM drive by Windows OS. We do not supply any special drivers.
Note: For information on the compatibility between a version of Windows OS and a Ricoh drive please consult the manual or
the specification page .

[ Writing on DVD/CD media] The writing software that supports both the drive and the OS is needed. If your writing software will not detect the drive as a CD recorder, please check the compatibility between the version of the writing software and the drive you are using. We do not supply any software updater or drivers for the software.

[Creating DVD-Video discs] Refer to this link also.

Formats that Ricoh DVD/CD drives support, and the software required for each format:
Drive function *1 Format or Writing method Software needed Requirements* Examples
Writing on DVD+RW media DVD+VR (DVD+RW Video Recording Format) Writing software that supports the DVD+VR format The software must support both the drive and the OS. neoDVD 4 or greater
Writing on DVD±RW/±R media *3 DVD-Video Writing software that supports the DVD video format My DVD/
nero VISON express
DVD-ROM Writing software that supports the DVD-ROM format B's Recorder GOLD/
nero Express
Random Access Write *2 Writing software that supports the Random Access Write format B's CLiP/
DVD video Playback -- the DVD playback software The software must support both the video chip on the video card and the OS. WinDVD/
nero Showtime
Writing on CD-R/RW media CD-DA Writing software (pre mastering software) The software must support both the drive and the OS. B's Recorder GOLD/
nero Express
Packet writing *2 Packet Writing software B's CLiP/

  • *Note: Compatibility information will be available on each software manufacturer's web site. When you are going to purchase software on the market please be sure to check the information first.

  • *1)For information on media supported by your writer please check the manual. (Not every Ricoh model supports all DVD/CD media.)

  • *2)Random Access Write and Packet Writing only support rewritable media
    (DVD+RW and CD-RW media).

  • *3)DVD-R/-RW discs can only be used with a drive model that supports DVD-R/-RW discs.

What is firmware?

Firmware is a program which controls the drive already stored in the Flash ROM of your drive when it is shipped from the factory.
With most Ricoh drives, the firmware can be upgraded to the latest version using a firmware loader program. However we do NOT recommend upgrading firmware if your drive now works well without any problems.
Modifications to the firmware are described in the History note. If you have similar problems described in the History note, it would be a good idea to try upgrading the firmware. However, the latest firmware will not always solve problems other than those described in the History note.
For information on problems a firmware upgrade does NOT help,
refer to the topic below.

Problems a firmware upgrade will NOT help:

Firmware upgrade will NOT help the following.
  • The writing software will not detect the drive as a recorder.Click here.
  • Since a Windows OS upgrade, the drive will not work well.Click here.
  • The DVD region has been locked.Click here.
  • My drive cannot write 90/99 min. CD-R discs.Click here.
  • A firmware upgrade cannot make the MP5120 support DVD+R media.Click here.

How can I check to see the current version of the firmware?

Windows 9x/Me:
[Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel] - [Device Manager] -[CD-ROM];
Double click the Ricoh drive item on the [Settings] tab;
The dialogue that appears shows the firmware version.
Most writing software has an option for showing CD recorder information, which will include the firmware version.

Windows NT/2000/XP:
Check the firmware version using your writing software, which will have an option for CD recorder information, including the firmware version. Or you can also check it using the RFlash/Firmware Flash Utility program for uploading the firmware.


Where can I find the link for the latest driver?

Device Driver for Windows:
Ricoh drives use the standard Windows CD-ROM driver built into Windows operating system, if the drive is compatible with the OS. Ricoh does not supply any specific drivers for reading.

Writing Drivers:
A writing driver comes with the writing software. For writing, the writing software must support the drive you are using. Compatibility information can be found on the software vendor's web site. See this table or these columns about writing software .

The firmware:
Available from our DOWNLOAD page . Check to see if the latest version is posted.


I think a special driver has to be installed, because Windows just detects my drive as a CD-ROM drive, not a writer. I also tried updating the firmware to the latest version but it didn't help.

No special device driver is needed. It is quite normal for a writer to be detected as a CD-ROM drive by the Windows OS if the drive supports the OS. This is because the drive uses the standard Windows CD-ROM driver for reading and the drive works as a CD-ROM drive under the Windows OS. It is the writing software that recognizes the drive as a writer; the firmware is quite different from the driver.

Where can I download the firmware?

The latest firmware for Ricoh drives is available from The DOWNLOAD page . Please read the detail explanation and notes on the page carefully.

How to upgrade the firmware / Upgrade hints

Please click on the links below.

[RFlash program]
Firmware upgrade procedures
For a successful upgrade

[Firmware Flash Utility]
Firmware upgrade procedures
For a successful upgrade

I could not find the firmware for my RWXXXX on the Ricoh.com web site.

This Ricoh site only provides firmware for RICOH MP products for Asia and Oceania. Please refer to this LINK .

I have recently upgraded my system to Windows XP. Is there any firmware upgrade required?

The firmware is not the driver that makes your drive work under the new OS you upgraded to. Compatibility information for Windows XP will be available from: Windows XP
Your writing software also must support Windows XP. Please ensure that your version of the software supports your OS. Just upgrading the firmware will not solve any problems.

I have just bought a Ricoh drive but my writing software will not detect it as a writer, even though I have tried a firmware upgrade.

The firmware is not the same as the driver that allows the drive to be recognized by the writing software. Please check the information about supported drives that accompanies the writing software you have. Most software suppliers provide information about supported drives for their software on the Internet.

I cannot upload the firmware to the drive. I get an error message: 'Different type code'.

Please check that the model name of the firmware you downloaded is the exactly same as the correct model name of your drive.
Both appear in the RFlash program as follows. 'Target Drive' shows the name of your drive, and the field next to 'Source File' shows the model name of the drive for which the firmware file you downloaded is to be used.
Or the following is another way to check the model name of your drive.

On Windows 95/98 or Me: [Control Panel] [System] [Device Manager] [CD-ROM]

On Windows NT WS 4: [Control Panel] [SCSI Adapter] [Device] [IDE controller]

On Windows 2000 pro: [Control Panel] [System] [Hardware] [Device Manager]

On Windows XP: [MyComupter], Right button click to [Properties] [Hardware] [Device Manager] [CD-ROM]

If your model is an RWxxxx, for example, without any Ricoh logo on the front panel, it will not upload firmware MPxxxx. For further assistance please find the appropriate contact information for tech support in your retail package or from the manuals that comes with your drive.


RFlash will not run, a message, "Not Found ASPI manager" appears.

Try to upgrade the firmware again with either of the following.
  • If writing software has not yet been installed, try again after installing writing software.
  • There may be some conflict with the ASPI manager installed. An ASPI manager is usually installed by most writing software.
    Please visit your writing software manufacturer's website to search for information resetting/verifying the ASPI manager.
  • Or just try to upgrade the firmware using another PC.

There is no model name in the Target Drive field in the RFlash program.

Try to upgrade the firmware again with any of the following.
  • Click the Pull down menu in the target drive field. Is there any drive name for matching your model?
  • If there is a SCSI card installed in the PC, try the following.
      1. Turn off the PC power, remove the card, and reboot the system.
      2. Disable the SCSI card from the Device Manager, and then reboot the system.
  • Boot your system into Safe Mode. Then try the upgrade from Safe Mode.

The Firmware upgrade will not complete, even after a few minutes, or the computer freezes.

Try to upgrade again after attempting one of the following.
  • If there is a disc in the tray, remove it first.
  • Disable the DMA option for the drive. Clickhere
  • for details on how to make DMA settings.
  • Boot your system into Safe Mode. Then try the upgrade again from Save Mode.

Rebooting the system after a firmware upgrade, the drive name looks strange.

Shut down the system and turn off the power of the PC. And then turn it on again to check the drive name.
If the drive name is still strange, run the RFlash program to upgrade the firmware again.

My drive is an OEM version, but made by Ricoh. Where can I find the firmware for it?

The Ricoh.com web site only provides the firmware for Ricoh retail models for Asia and Oceania. OEM products are supported by the OEM company as they do for their own products. Please contact the OEM company for further assistance.

Is there any firmware upgrade that enables JustLink for a Non-JustLink drive?

No. JustLink is a hardware function. There is no way to upgrade Non-JustLink models.

Are there any drivers for another OS like Linux, UNIX, or Macintosh?

Any RICOH drive is designed only as a Windows drive. We do not provide any support or drivers for other operating systems.
If you have writing software compatible with the drive please ask the software supplier for more information.

How can I upload the firmware for an MP62XXS drive in Windows 98?

The firmware loader program for the MP62xxS series is only compatible with Windows 95 and DOS. In the case where Windows 98 is the operating system, use the Windows 98 startup boot disc to boot the PC in DOS mode, then please use the DOS firmware loader program to update the firmware.

The details are given below:

[PC environment]
Model: MP6200S/MP6201S (MP62xxS series SCSI-type CD-RW drive)
OS: Windows 98
SCSI host adapter: we recommend the use of the following:
  • *Adaptec SCSI Card AHA-1510, 152x, 2940 or 3940.

1. Create a bootable floppy disk (FD).
  • *A bootable FD can be created using Windows 98, however an additional floppy is necessary for the firmware loader program.
    Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove programs - Bootable disc.
Next, your Windows 98 installation CD is required. Please put it into the drive and follow the instructions.
  • *During this process an ASPI driver is installed in the CONFIG.SYS file on the FD.
2. Download the appropriate firmware. From the firmware Download page, download the file for [MS-DOS and Windows 3.1].
If you are not sure of the correct drive name, please check in the Device Manager in System on the Control Panel.
3. Extract the downloaded file.
Copy the downloaded file to an empty directory, and run the file to extract the contents.
Copy all files extracted to another floppy disk.
4. Boot the PC using the Bootable FD created previously in step 1.
5. Upload the firmware to the drive under DOS.
Insert the disk with the extracted files, and at the DOS prompt [A:\>], type "LDSDVE08" and press Enter. Follow the instructions given.
Please refer to the detailed explanation for the MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 file.
Here is a link toUpgrade Procedurefor MS-DOS and Windows 3.1.
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