RICOH imagine.change.Global

Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

How to use

1.This program will appear after downloading.


2.Double click it to run.


Target Drive:  Supported CD-R/RW drive appears.
Current Mode:  Current transfer mode for the drive chose at Target Drive appears.
New Mode:  The transfer mode which will be changed appears.
Message:  Notes or the result appears in the box.

3. Chick to see Current Mode and choose the transfer mode you want at New Mode.
  Click GO button to run.

<<Caputure after runnig>>

GO button would be grayed.

4. Successful message appears, quit this program and reboot the PC.
  To enabled the New Mode, DMA option must be enabled.  If the DMA option from the Device
  Manager is disabled, the new transfer mode will not be activated.


5.Completely done.

This utility will change the transfer mode for the drive.  However it dependent on the PC type in which case the transfer mode utility may not work.


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