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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

MP9120A Firmware Revision history

Note: Upgrading the firmware will not always solve all of problems. If it could not help you please refer to the FAQ site.


With Ver. 1.30

  • Improving CD-R/RW reading quality.
  • Improving the write strategy of CD-R/RW.
  • It was corrected that a CD-RW disc is mounted correctly.

With Ver. 1.20

  • It was corrected that a disc does not spin around out when ejecting.
  • It was corrected that Multisession CD-RW discs are minimally blanked and written by DAO , them error dows not occur.
  • Improving CD-R writing quality.
  • It was corrected that the small data can be written by DAO.

With Ver. 1.10

  • It was corrected to prevent hanging up in playing DVD at the Ultra DMA mode.
  • It was corrected that the OS recognizes drives correctly when connecting the MP9120A drive as a Master and another drive as a Slave.
  • It was corrected that the drive unit is recognized on a PC correctly.


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