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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

About the firmware upgrade for MP9120A.

Before updating the firmware, please carefully read the instructions " Updating Method " and " Detail Explanation ". Ricoh will not take any responsibility for any problems encountered if the instructions were not properly followed.


Firmware Revision With Ver. 1.30
Firmware Revision With Ver. 1.20
Firmware Revision With Ver. 1.10

Revision History

Before Install this download

When upgrading firmware of the drive unit it is confirmed the model of the drive unit to prevent from downloading wrong firmware. It is possible to upgrade firmware only for the MP9120A.

For Windows
We recommend you to upgrade firmware after installing mastering software. You may upgrade firmware without installing mastering software, but if you can not, you should install mastering software first and upgrade firmware.

It is possible to upgrade firmware on Windows95/98/Me/NT Workstation V.4.0/2000 and Windows XP only.

  • * We will not be responsible for problems that happened on any other systems.

Download File

MP9120A (Windows 95/98/Me/NTWS4.0/2000/XP)

NOTE: The versions of OS above means that the RFlash; the firmware loader program; supports those OS versions. The firmware itself will not depend on the OS version.

Frequently Asked Questions for Firmware/Driver/Software

FAQ for MP9120A
FAQ for Firmware / Driver
FAQ for Software

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