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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

MP5120A Firmware Revision history

Note: Upgrading the firmware will not solve all problems. If it does not help, please refer to the FAQ site.

With Ver. 1.92

  • DVD+RW 2.4x and 4x media write quality improved.

    Even if you update to the 1.92 version of the firmware, DVD writing speed will remain at 2.4x.

With Ver. 1.74

  • Write Strategy of CD-R, CD-RW and DVD+RW updated.
  • Overwrite performance on DVD+RW improved.

With Ver. 1.50

  • Improvement of writing characteristics for HS CD-RW discs.

With Ver. 1.37

  • Improvement of writing characteristics for CD-R discs.

With Ver. 1.34

  • DVD+RW Read quality improvement.
  • DVD+RW Write quality improvement.
  • DVD+RW discs made by Mitsubishi chemical are supported.
  • CD-R Write quality improvement.

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