Update method for Macintosh

Upgrade Procedure

1. Copy the downloaded file to an empty directory, and run NRW17PMS.SIT to extract the contents.
2. Running NRW17PMS.SIT should create the following files:

-File List- ( The case of MP7060S ) -
3. Connect the host computer to the MP7060S, then after making the following settings, start the host computer.
  • *If the drive is the last device at the end of the SCSI bus, the terminating resistance must be enabled.
4. Downloading the Firmware to the drive.

[1] Double-click on the file "FIRMUPDATE"

[2] After executing step [1] the following message appears.

[3] Confirm a message and push a [Go] button

[4] The following message is displayed. It start if push a [Yes] button.

(Restart host computer after upgrade firmware. Please shutdown other application.):

[5] Several seconds after the above message appears, the following is displayed if the process was successful. Please restart host computer as pushing a [OK] button.

Download of a firmware is an end above.


If the firmware download does not complete correctly, check the following items.
1. Is the terminating resistor installed correctly?
2. Is the SCSI cable length not more than 6m?

If after checking items 1.to 2.above the firmware download still does not complete correctly, contact the supplier of the MP7060S.

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