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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

About downloading of CD-R Software

Before downloading the software, please read "Detail Explanation" surely.
If you encounter some problems with reading "Detail Account", we won't take the responsibility.

Before Install this download

When you download CD-R Software, there are the following limitations.
1. CD Print is a special writing software for RS-1060C and RS-1420C.
2. The firmware (SCSI) Version for RS-1060C must be 2.00 or greater. Less than Version 2.00, you won't be able to use this software.
3. Firmware upgrade of RS-1060C are required to send RICOH Service Center. If you want to upgrade, please contact the Support of our RICOH Home Page.
If you encounter some problems without the above system environment, we won't take the responsibility.

Select Download File

Download file

Serial NO. -   

The serial number is written in identification label which is stuck on the lower side of RS-1060C/RS-1420C. You can't download by the serial number of CD Print.


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