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Information about Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000

(Dec. 27th, 2001)

The current status of compatibility with Windows 2000 Professional is as follows.

Please note that we do not guarantee compatibility of your drive with the Windows 2000 Server Family.

1. Information

Drive F/W Version Read/Play Record/Rewrite
MP6200series* 2.40 O.K. *1 N/A N/A See "2. Writing Software"
MP7040A 1.40 O.K. O.K. N/A N/A
MP7040S* 1.40 O.K. *3 N/A N
MP7060A 1.70 O.K. O.K. N/A N/A
MP7060S* 1.70 O.K. *3 N/A N/A
MP9060A 1.50 O.K. O.K. O.K. *2
MP8040SE 1.10 O.K.*4 O.K.*4 N/A N/A
MP7080A 1.00 O.K. O.K. N/A N/A
  • *We used an Adaptec AHA-2940AUSCSI adapter with the standard Windows2000 drivers.
    ( Please refer to the roxio web sitefor the latest information. )

  • *1When you playback a CD-DA disc using the Windows2000 bundled CD player and push the next track button, there are some cases where the player does not play the next track. (There are two cases where only the time counter is forwarded or the time counter stops.) If this happens, please push the stop button and then the play button on the player.

  • *2SOFTWARE CINEMASTER(TM), DVD playback software application, is not compatible with Windows2000.

  • *3When you playback a CD-DA disc using the Windows2000 bundled CD player and try to eject the disc, please push the eject button ON THE CD-RW drive. ( If you use the eject button on the software, the disc will not be ejected and the software will not respond. If this happens, please push the eject button ON THE CD-RW drive SEVERAL TIMES. )

  • *4It requires the RICOH PCMCIA SCSI card driver for Windows 2000. This driver is available from our site.
    About the PCMCIA SCSI card device drive for the MP8040SE

2. Writing software

The versions of writing software bundled with the Asian retail models do not guarantee compatibility with Windows 2000.
The following versions will support the Windows 2000 and please refer to each software supplier's website for details.
Easy CD Creator 4.02 or greater, Direct CD 3.01 or greater
B's Recorder Gold1.65 or greater, B's CLiP 2.01 or greater

Useful LINKs:

Software supplier for the Ricoh Asian retail models
FAQs for Firmware/Driver
FAQs for Software

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