Will make your work Fun & Easy, right from the day you get MP5125A

The MP5125A includes a wide variety of easy-to-use software for a wide range of applications, from storing data to making your original DVDs.
OS compatibility

B's Recorder GOLD TMv3.2
DVD/CD mastering software
Win Producer TM 2
DVD-Video editing software
B's CLiP TM v3.2
Packet writing software
  • *"B's CLiP" does not support CD-R, DVD+R
neoDVD TM standard v2.6
DVD-Video creating software
WinDVD TM 3.2
DVD-Video playback software
Movie clip collections

Store PC data in the easy way!

B's CLiP™ v3.2
B's CLiPTM v3.2

B's Recorder GOLD™ v3.2
B's Recorder GOLDTM v3.2

  • Offers "Packet Write" capability, which allows you to write and delete data on a DVD as if it were a hard disk.
  • Background formatting allows initial formatting to be completed in approximately one minute.
  • Permits fast recording and appending even in the highly compatible "DVD-ROM format."
    (Append is only supported for DVD+RW.)
  • CD-ROMs in various formats, including CD Extra and Bootable CD, can be created.

Create original DVDs and music CDs!

neoDVD™ standard v2.6
neoDVDTM standard v2.6

B's Recorder GOLD™ v3.2
B's Recorder GOLDTM v3.2

  • Allows you to easily create your original DVDs that can be played on DVD players.*1
  • Flexibly supports a variety of movie formats, including AVI and MPEG1/2.
  • Also allows you to create your original music CDs.

Will also support a future format that maintains compatibility with DVD players even after editing a previously recorded video.

  • Supports the "DVD+RW video recording format," which maintains playback compatibility with DVD players while allowing video contents to be appended and partially deleted afterwards.
* Available in summer of 2002 as a free neoDVD upgrade is offered.

Edit video with a wide variety of editing functions!

Win Producer™ 2
B's CLiPTM v3.2

  • Editing capabilities include sophisticated scene trimming, reordering of scenes, a wide variety of special effects, and text insertion.
  • Can edit both AVI files and MPEG files.
  • Provides high encoding accuracy that is ideal for original DVDs.

Copy video to DVD from CE equipment!

neoDVD™ standard v2.6
B's CLiPTM v3.2

  • Permits direct recording from a digital video camera onto DVD. Recorded discs can be played back on DVD players.*1
  • Also accepts analog input from a VCR or an 8mm video camera. Easily copy your existing video library onto DVD!

Can be used as a backup for a hard disk!

B's Recorder GOLD™ v3.2
B's CLiPTM v3.2

  • B's Recorder GOLD wizard simple visual instructions for burning your DVD/CDs.
  • Permits easy recovery of data from the back up.
  • Back up disc can be used also as a boot-up disc.
  • *1 Some of the existing DVD-ROM drives and DVD players may not playback DVD-ROM and DVD-Video created on DVD+RW/DVD+R media. (rare, in the case of DVD+R). Pleasecheck our websitefor more detailed information on compatibility.

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