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MyDVD TM [Authoring Software for DVD-Video]

It makes it easy and fast to transfer contents from AV appliances and to create your won DVD-Video with a PC.
- Features 'Direct-to-DVD*' that allows direct recording from AV appliances to DVD+RW media.
- Enjoy making your own DVD menu title with quality and easy-to-use user-interface support.
- This software alone can handle jobs from capturing video clips to MPEG2 encoding and writing.
- Allows to choose a mode to record the actual data only (and exclude dummy data) that enables fast production of DVD-Video even with data smaller than 1GB.

  This software is to be upgraded to support DVD+RW video recording format: it will provide adding/editing capability for DVD-Video and compatibility with existing DVD-Video players. Details on the upgrading will be available on RICOH web site.

B's Recorder GOLD TM [Mastering software for DVD/CD]

It helps create DVD-ROM/CD-ROM. Discs will keep excellent compatibility and it is suitable for the use of backup and distribution of data.
- Writing operation with the DVD-drive are the same as CD-R/RW.
- Writing on DVD-ROM is done in highly compatible format, and most Operating Systems that are available now, including Windows98, can read the data.
- Allows free adding of data and keeps compatibility.
- Allows to choose a mode to record the actual data only (and exclude dummy data) that enables fast production of DVD-ROM even with data smaller than 1GB.

B's CLiP TM [Random Access Write Software for DVD/CD]

Great supporter for PC data backup. It provides high-speed writing by Back-Ground Formatting function.
- Able to do the writing by simply specifying file/folder in drag & drop manner, for both DVD and CD.
- It only takes a little over a minute to format a disc and allows an instant writing.
- It writes on UDF1.5, providing excellent compatibility.

  • * This software does not support CD-R.

WinDVD TM [DVD-Video Playing Software for PC]

Leading software that enables DVD-Video viewing on PC. You will enjoy those advanced features only possible on PC.
- Thumbnail bookmarks help you find your favorite scenes instantly.
- Fully adjustable zoom and pan.
- Time stretching feature enables playback at ranges from half-speed to double-speed while maintaining natural audio quality.

Movie Clips Collection

Enjoy the collection of movie clips. They are to be used as try-out samples.

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