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Usability evaluation

Usability evaluation activities

We conduct evaluations repeatedly and use the results to identify problems and review and improve our operations. By so doing, we continue to address the challenge of improving “product usability”. We use our usability laboratory, which is a facility designed specifically for usability evaluations.


Usability evaluation methods

We use the following methods to conduct our usability evaluations:

◆ Checklist evaluation
We use a pre-created checklist when evaluating operability. This checklist contains points and items for evaluating the control panel, paper handling, installation, paper feed, and maintenance, all of which are evaluated by specialists.
◆ Monitor evaluation
Ricoh has an in-house testing/monitoring system that can provide registered Ricoh employee monitors. During an evaluation, monitors are required to perform certain operations and verbalize their thoughts (what they intend to do or problems they have encountered). The monitors behavior and speech is observed and analyzed by the observer.

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