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Passion for Marble Icons

Simplicity and delicacy is the essence of UI design

Attention to textureMr. Umezawa works on UI design for MFPs. Raised in an artistic household with his father a woodblock printer and his mother a graphic designer, Mr. Umezawa liked to draw from a young age on paper and at times on the walls of his house.
During his younger days, he developed design sensitivity from his parents' work, such as his father's delicately designed block prints and his mother's simple line illustrations. Influenced by his parents, he began to express the combination of "simple" and "delicate" in his design work.
Mr. Umezawa states, "While aiming for simple display design, detailed work investigating and analyzing our customers worldwide is also necessary. Displaying detailed information in a simple way is the essence of UI design."

Icon design that becomes the face of Ricoh

Creating an attractive and well liked productIn Umezawa's newly designed home screen there are several marble-like brightly colored icons on a plain white background. Umezawa states, "I wanted to present an impression ‘This is what Ricoh is’". The sphere shape is at a glance simple, but also finely drawn. "As there are not many opportunities for users to touch a display in a typical day, it is hard to master operations. Every day they had to wonder �eWhich button?' when they looked at the screen. By having sphere icons, I wanted users to naturally remember "Oh it's that button" while they are on the way to the machine from their desk," Umezawa says. In addition, the white background gives a prominent sense of three-dimensions and a material quality, making it a design to impresses upon users' minds.

Changing design, preserving design

Developing an easy and simple unified modelMr. Umezawa has also designed compact displays. "Even if the display becomes small, for the sake of users who are used to Ricoh's control panels, we kept some areas untouched while changing others." In order to make it clear which areas should be left untouched, usage data of hundreds of thousands of worldwide users was analyzed. Umezawa states, "I wanted to provide consistent usability not only for new Ricoh users, but also for longtime Ricoh users who are familiar with Ricoh's design."
The display, which contains only the most necessary features, has been carefully designed so that it is easy to see , even when compact.

Materializing visions

Enjoyable designMr. Umezawa likes creating web content and does so on a daily basis for websites dedicated to baseball, travel, or child rearing on his commute to work. In the case of his hobby, baseball, he posts the results on the internet. "I manage to create chances to get together to build connections with the people around me, and create web content to make those chances memorable" he says, "The IU design on an MFP is the same. Materializing users' needs and designers' visions is an important task that only a designer can do. Thus, I wish to improve my skills of expression."
One can only guess what design Mr. Umezawa, a UI designer holding a simple and delicate method of expression, will create next to visualize people's ideas.

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