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RICOH's Education Support Program in India-Building a Network for Learning-


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    Ricoh aims to help educational stakeholders (children, parents, teachers and governmental agencies) build a network to provide children with a better educational environment, encouraging local communities to improve standards in an independent and consistent manner so that more kids can attend school on a continual basis.

    Features of the Program

    The program aims to build a mechanism for local communities to execute a cycle to improve their educational environment.

    • 1.Help improve the infrastructure for information sharing using donated digital duplicators.
    • 2.Conduct education support activities focusing on enhancing of the skills of children, parents, teachers and governmental agencies.
    • 3.Support the establishment of a network involving schools, communities and governmental agencies.
    Cycle to Improve the Educational Environment Executed under Ricoh's Program to Support Education
    Cycle to Improve the Educational Environment Executed under Ricoh's Program to Support Education

    Targeted Area and Program Period


    Medak District and areas nearby in Andrha Pradesh
    *About two hours by car from Hyderabad, the state capital

    Medak District


    May 2011 to March 2014

    Population 2.67 million
    Area 9,669km
    (Men 65.52 : Women 40.68)
    No. of
    3,551 (elementary, junior,
    and senior high schools)
    Agriculture (78% of the popu-
    lation engaged in agriculture)

    Specific Activity Plan for Fiscal 2012

    In fiscal 2012, the second year of the program, we will donate Ricoh digital duplicators for installation in 10 schools and NGOs and continue to implement support activities aimed at improving the educational environment.

    I. Donation of digital duplicators

    Installed in 10 locations, including schools and NGOs engaged in educational support

    II. Supporting education

    We will continue to implement educational support activities at 60 schools located in Hathnoora Mandel, Medak District.

    • 1) Hold workshops to promote the effective use of donated duplicators
    • 2) Provide enhanced training to teachers, local school management committees and local communities
    • 3) Provide support to empower child protection committees
    • 4) Provide support to children's group activities and create a better learning environment for children
    Phases and the Goal of the Program

    What is a digital duplicator ?

    A digital duplicator looks like a copier, but for a duplicator, unlike a copier that scans each sheet of paper to copy it, a master is made and ink is permeated into it to make a lot of copies, and this process is called "duplicating."

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