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Management Philosophy

Ricoh's management philosophy was established in 1986 based on these Guiding Principles so as to nurture and develop its corporate culture and business structure to meet the changes in today's world, such as the acceleration of the advanced information society and the diversification of values. Ricoh signed the UN Global Compact* in 2002, the global standard of CSR, becoming the second Japanese firm to do so. Later in 2003, the Ricoh Group CSR Charter and the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct were established, reflecting the concept of the UN Global Compact, so that common values and behavioral principles might be shared globally among all members of the Group.

Management Philosophy

  • Our Purpose
    To constantly create new value for the world at the interface of people and information
  • Our Goal
    To be a good global corporate citizen with reliability and appeal
  • Our Principles
    To think as an entrepreneur
    To put ourselves in the other person's place
    To find personal value in our work