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The Ricoh Group's Approach to the Concept of CSR

The Ricoh Group's specific efforts on value-creating CSR from a long-term perspective

Framework of CSR activities

The Ricoh Group is engaged in "two-tier" CSR activities based on the three basic principles of its CSR: the first tier involves basic social responsibilities and the second tier involves voluntary social responsibilities. CSR activities are being undertaken mainly in the four areas specified in the CSR Charter.
We aim to build public trust through our first tier activities and enhance our attractiveness through second tier activities and by achieving these goals simultaneously to increase the value of the company. Through these efforts we hope to achieve the objectives of our management philosophy.
It is also our aim to share Ricoh's values not only with its group companies but also with partner companies that constitute our value chain so that through concerted efforts, the management culture of each company will be improved and a sustainable society will be created, allowing the company to further grow its business.
Communication is essential to the success of these efforts. More effort will therefore be put into improving mutual communication with various kinds of stakeholders surrounding the Ricoh Group to further promote our activities.

Framework of the Ricoh Group's CSR

Target fields

Outline of CSR activities

Integrity in Corporate Activities We are in constant pursuit of improvements in the quality, safety, information security and credibility when providing products and services to provide satisfaction and fulfillment to as many stakeholders as possible.
Harmony with
the Environment
Efforts are made to further enhance and accelerate sustainable environmental management through parallel efforts to reduce environmental impacts and conserve biodiversity to simultaneously ensure both environmental conservation and profits.
Respect for People With the aim of making the company attractive to many different employees, efforts are mainly focused on promoting diversity and improving work-life management to create a safer and healthier work environment.
Harmony with Society
(Coexistence with
local communities)
Social contribution activities are designed to respect the culture of each country and local community and through close communication with local people in a way that can contribute to their development.
Harmony with Society
(Stakeholder communication)
Outcomes from communicating with a variety of stakeholders in different sectors of society are reflected in our CSR activities in order to improve the quality of these activities and our overall performance.

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The Ricoh Group's value-creating CSR

In the global community surrounding us, there are many issues that must be addressed by the whole of society, including issues concerning global environment, poverty, and human rights.
These social issues involve various factors that are intricately intertwined. Because of their complexity, it has become more and more difficult for governments and other nonprofit social sector organizations such as NGOs and NPOs alone to solve them. If we look into these issues, we can find that there are many things that companies should and can do to help solve them. The Ricoh Group regards CSR as a growth strategy aimed at achieving both resolution of social issues and its own growth simultaneously. In line with this growth strategy, we are expanding the scope of our activities by making best use of our own technology, products, services and personnel.
We encourage individual employees to raise their awareness of and sensitivity toward social issues and voluntarily involve themselves in addressing these issues. To establish a corporate culture that facilitates their activities, the company is putting more efforts than before into spreading the concept of "value-creating CSR" widely among employees and providing them with education on the concept. The "CSR Workshop" initiated in fiscal 2009 has been incorporated into the educational system since this fiscal year as an "innovation training" program for newly employed technicians.
Another effort by the Kokorozashi Team to explore the possibilities of BOP business opportunities has received attention also from other companies as an activity transcending the conventional framework. The Ricoh Group is a large global company with about 110,000 employees around the world. We consider that the concerted and integrated efforts of our group companies will enable us to contribute significantly to solving social issues.

Value-creating CSR: Simultaneous pursuit of social contribution and corporate growth

Objectives of value-creating CSR from the long-term perspective

Our CSR strategy is developed on a mid-term basis reflecting the requirements to achieve the objective over a long period (up to 2016) and based on global trends and the needs and expectations of the public that have been identified through stakeholder dialogue and from other sources. Priority plans for implementing our CSR strategy are determined annually.
After reviewing our past activities, the CSR activities were narrowed down into two areas: one area to be enhanced through concerted global efforts by group companies in the same direction, and another area to enhance our strengths. Specific plans are developed for each area and reflected in our action plans.
In the 17th mid-term management plan starting in fiscal 2011, the objectives of value-creating CSR listed below have been established and are being implemented strategically.
More efforts will be focused on enhancing value-creating CSR activities, based on an accurate understanding of the roles of global companies expected by the public, and with the aim of promoting the growth of the company through corporate activities as well building a sustainable economy.

Objectives of value-creating CSR from the long-term perspective

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