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Solar LED lamp posts reduced CO2 emissions in park by 4.27 tons

  • ChinaRicoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. / China

Solar LED lamp posts donatedto park
Solar LED lamp posts donated to park

Since its foundation, manufacturing affiliate Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. (RAI) has been focusing on sustainable environmental management activities, such as energy and resource saving and recycling. In recognition of this dedication, RAI received the Guangdong Eco-Friendly Manufacturer Award, the Shenzhen Eco- Friendly Manufacturer Award and other environmental prizes, together with financial rewards totaling 1.29 million yuan, from the City of Shenzhen. The company decided to use the reward money to help the local community and donated 55 solarpowered LED lamp posts to neighboring Beacon Hill Park, a popular place for Shenzhen citizens. The park and RAI have been good partners in environmental conservation efforts, which include joint implementation of tree planting, periodical cleanups, and many other activities. At the donation ceremony in the park in December 28, 2009, the park representatives expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude for RAI's continuous environmental efforts over the years.
The installation of the donated lamps is expected to reduce the park's annual power consumption by 5,540.7 kW and cut CO2 emissions by 4.27 tons. The ecofriendly lighting has also helped raise local people's awareness of energy saving. RAI will continue to make efforts as an active environmental steward, in the hope that their activities will inspire other businesses and individuals to also take action.

Receiving a certificate of gratitude at the donation ceremony
Receiving a certificate of gratitude
at the donation ceremony

RAI President Kazuhisa Daimon being interviewed by a Guangdong TV network about RAI's Declaration of Environmental Conservation
RAI President Kazuhisa Daimon being
interviewed by a Guangdong TV network
about RAI's Declaration of Environmental

Planting trees to raise money for children with heart disease

  • ChinaRicoh Group / China

Tree planting by employee volunteers
Tree planting by employee volunteers

As they have done for years, the Ricoh Group companies in the East China region, including Ricoh China Co., Ltd. (regional sales headquarters in China) and RTM Wuxi (manufacturing affiliate) planted trees in fiscal 2009. However, there was something different this time—the project was undertaken to support children fighting heart disease.
In China, more than 120,000 children develop heart disease each year. To support them, about 150 Ricoh Group employees in the country gathered in Shanghai to plant trees in a park. Under the theme of "Planting trees and giving love," these volunteers decided to donate 50 yuan per tree planted, and a total of 10,000 yuan was donated to a special fund for children with heart disease operated by the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation.
Employees volunteering for the project said they were delighted to join a meaningful project that helped not only the environment but also children suffering from heart disease. In their respective companies, the project participants reported on the objectives of the project and how it was carried out, and encouraged other employees to become interested in and actually join voluntary activities.
The park manager expressed his gratitude, saying "What you planted was more than trees. Thank you for bringing hope to the children."

Supporting earthquake relief efforts in Qinghai

  • ChinaRicoh Group / China

On April 14, 2010, a devastating earthquake struck Qinghai province in western China, causing enormous damage and many victims (the death toll exceeded 2,000). For victims of this major earthquake, Ricoh Co., Ltd., Ricoh China and other Group companies in the country donated one million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch on April 16, 2010. In addition to the contribution by Group companies, Group employees in China voluntarily raised funds and donated.