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Harmony with Society

Employee participation in activities as well as donation accounts for large portion of the Ricoh Group’s social contribution. In every region, Group companies support their employees in the planning and implementation of community activities and biodiversity conservation programs.
During the fiscal year ended March 2014, the Ricoh Group collectively made financial contributions of 503,564,000 yen. This amount includes monetary donations* plus labor (man-hours) and donated goods converted into their monetary value.

* In year 2013, there were no political contribution at Ricoh Company., Ltd.

image:financial contributions

Results of Primary Indicators for Corporate Programs

Program Indicator FY2011 FY2012 FY2013
Education support program in India Enrollment rate in the region 81%
(At the start of
the program)
(At the end of
the program)
BOP project Number of local entrepreneurs supported
(Accumulated total)
Support activities for people and
areas affected by the Great
East Japan Earthquake (*)
Number of Group company employees who participated in support activities in the affected areas 88 237 327
Ichimura Nature School Kanto Number of graduates
(Accumulated total)
Ricoh Science Caravan Number of Caravan events
(Number of children who experienced the program)
Forest ecosystem conservation project Amount of assistance money
(Number of projects supported)
15 million yen
15 million yen
12 million yen
FreeWill, Ricoh's Social Contribution Club Number of donation recipients 47 43 43
Number of Group company employees who participated in volunteer activities organized by the Club 17 188 403

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* Not including the numbers of employees who participated in the community visiting service for information printing and the Save The Memory project (both conducted in 2011 and 2012).