Building a healthy, safe and pleasant workplace

Maintaining a healthy and safe work environment

The Ricoh Group puts the highest priority on health and safety. Based on this, we are committed to creating a healthier and safer work environment that allows diverse employees to play an active role.
Initiatives include support for employees' health care, child-rearing, and work-life balance. In addition, the Ricoh Group presents examples of safety- and health-related improvements and discloses relevant information as much as possible, hoping to contribute to improving community activities related to safety and health.

Efforts commonly undertaken by the entire Ricoh Group

All Ricoh Group companies, offices and plants are hard at work developing the optimal mechanism to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Health management system covering all employees

In cooperation with the health insurance union, the Ricoh Group has developed an IT system and is improving the industrial health system in order to provide an extensive health management program to ensure mental and physical health through prevention, early detection and followup of employees with health problems. In fiscal 2011, staff involved in mental healthcare, physical healthcare and labor issues will cooperate with each other to establish and implement a management cycle throughout Group companies.

Enhancing safety management

The Ricoh Group adopted an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) approach and the concept of risk assessment earlier than any other company. It has also been constantly improving its safety standards. The group uses a database of occupational accidents that have happened within the group to share information on causes and measures to prevent recurrence, and also to develop and implement group-wide safety standards. In fiscal 2011, more efforts will be made to eliminate accidents involving falls and to extend the adoption of the risk assessment approach.

Conceptual diagram of health and safety activitiesFrequency of work-related accidents (Ricoh)

GRAM received the Healthy Working Lives Award for its health promotion activities participated in by all employees

  • ScotlandGR Advanced Materials Limited / Scotland

The Silver Award Certificate received by GRAMThe Silver Award Certificate received by GRAM

GR Advanced Materials Limited (GRAM), a manufacturing subsidiary of Tohoku Ricoh, received the Silver Award from the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives (HWL*). The award was given for GRAM's "Change Program," a health promotion activity conducted from April 2010 to May 2011, which was highly commended. The program to review employees' lifestyles and support their fitness efforts, which was implemented in collaboration with HWL, provides a long-term plan for improving employees' lifestyles by losing excess weight to reach the ideal healthy weight. GRAM has always focused its efforts on building a caring culture and will continue to focus on maintaining a healthy work environment and further improving the quality of its health promotion activities.

  • *HWL operates as part of the UK's National Health Service.

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Dr. Tetsuya Morita, M.D. Chief Occupational Physician

Interview with Dr. Morita, M.D., Chief occupational physician for the Ricoh Group, on recent efforts to promote a safe and healthy work environment

Dr. Tetsuya Morita, M.D.
Chief Occupational Physician

Concerted efforts by industrial healthcare staff to implement carefully planned health management

Each Ricoh office and plant is staffed by a group of industrial healthcare staff, consisting of an occupational physician and public health nurse/nurses, who are responsible for managing the health of its employees. Monthly regular meetings of occupational physicians from all offices and plants are held to share information. Under this system, Ricoh provides health support that is tailored to the characteristics of each facility. For example, in manufacturing departments, it is important to take into account the impact of the work environment and working methods. In cases where new chemicals are used in developing toners, it is necessary to take precautions by assessing their impact on health and pay careful attention when handling them. Occupational physicians are involved in such highly specialized healthcare issues.

Individual interviews with new employees help them to understand the importance of managing their own health

Healthcare staff also give carefully planned support for health management to new employees. In training new employees, they provide education on safety, health, health maintenance, and stress management to help employees understand the importance of an orderly life as a member of society and the importance of self-care. The most important objective of this training is to convey a clear message to new employees that there is somebody in the company who cares about their health. We inform them that there is a place where they can consult us on their problems. At the medical check-up they receive on joining the company, an occupational physician and a public health nurse interview every new employee individually and give them a medical examination, and this also gives the employee and the health professional an opportunity to get to know each other. This interview also helps healthcare staff identify those who need healthrelated support at an early stage. A second interview with them is conducted when they go for their posting interview. In this interview, the occupational physician or public health nurse presents the results of the medical examination conducted at the previous interview and also gives advice based on individual needs. In fiscal 2011, we interviewed about 250 new employees, which took four days. These interview sessions have been conducted over the last three years, and are starting to show positive effects in terms of mental healthcare.

A mechanism for providing a healthier and safer work environment for all Ricoh Group's employees

Efforts will focus on improving the health management system covering the whole of the Ricoh Group. With mental healthcare, while continuing the current services, we will improve the system to make employees feel more comfortable in talking to the counselor attached to each office and plant. Our physical healthcare services will also be reviewed. For example, we are considering establishing a new medical check-up program designed specifically for cancer prevention, which encourages employees to receive cancer screening individually at the appropriate time, rather than making a uniform recommendation. Early detection will help reduce the number of work days lost due to long-term sickness and may make it possible for cancer patients to continue working while receiving advanced medical treatment.
Before concluding, I wish to add that we provided the employees who volunteered for rescue work at sites affected by the Higashi Nihon Daishinsai (The Great East Japan Earthquake) with special care to protect them from the hazards of dust, and provided care for the health and safety of those employees who visited affected sites in response to requests for maintenance and other services involving our products. Based on our experience this time, we will continue our efforts to implement the best possible approach to managing the health of our employees.

Occupational physicians attached to offices and plantsOccupational physicians attached to offices and plants

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