Towards a more secure information society

Using our experience of company practices to ensure the secure use of information, thus contributing to building a secure global information society

As a member of the global information society, the Ricoh Group has been promoting the use of information in its business activities. In our efforts to focus on the usefulness of information, we regard information security as an essential factor in providing reliable products and services. In this context, being well aware of the importance of all information assets, including personal information about customers, we are establishing an information security management system, aiming at improving corporate ethics based on compliance with laws and regulations and at ensuring safety and reliability in the information society.

The Ricoh Group's information security

Ricoh's security solutions fostered by "information use" and "company practices"

Ricoh aims to establish an information security management system (ISMS) involving all employees while maintaining a good balance between "information use" and "information protection." To propose this Group ISMS to stakeholders as a new value, we believe it is important to make effective use of information assets in our corporate activities in a way that will improve our corporate value.
For example, Ricoh has internally implemented the diverse know-how obtained through the establishment of its ISMS and confirmed its usefulness. In addition, based on the experiences of solving issues identified through flexibly responding to changes in the social environment and implementing our know-how in actual business settings, we have been providing a new value, "information security solution," to our customers. This is how Ricoh is contributing to building a secure society.

Three basic concepts behind our activities

1) Participation by all employees
Concerted efforts by all employees from executives to regular employees and the employees of our partner and affiliated companies
2) Daily management and continual improvement
Continual improvement by repeating the PDCA cycle at the management level for each management layer
3) Company practices
Our own information security products and solutions are used to improve the level of our own information security so that we can confirm their usefulness, accumulate know-how on using them effectively, and to improve these products and services.

Realization of a secure society


Completion of the second renewal audit for ISMS through consistent efforts of all group companies

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Since it obtained ISMS certification in 2004, Ricoh has successfully completed the annual continuing assessment. In addition, the company passed the once-in-threeyears renewal audit in 2007 and 2010. The review in 2010 was from August 18 through November 17 at offices and group companies at different locations and the certification was renewed for the second time on December 9. Successful renewal indicates that the information security management system we have established has been reviewed continuously to determine whether it meets the objectives and that improvements to problem areas have been managed properly.
The achievements Ricoh Group has made in its information security activities over the last seven years are due to its commitment to maintaining and improving the level of information security by implementing unique and innovative measures to ensure security within the group, including establishing group-wide standards and complete training programs on relevant issues.

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