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Integrity in Corporate Activities

As economy in the developing world expands, CSR in China and the rest of Asia grows in importance. The Ricoh Group is committed to sustainability and maintaining harmony with society in the region.

Training and motivating local employees

  • Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. / Thailand

Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. / Thailand

Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. (RMT), a production site for laser printers was established in Thailand's Amata City Industrial Estate and began production in September 2009. We are working to increase procurements of parts and materials within the industrial estate while at the same time, expanding personnel training programs so that local employees can eventually take charge of the entire operation. These efforts by RMT are an example of creating new bases in line with Ricoh's CSR Charter which pledges to "respect the culture and customs of any country or region, and will operate so as to contribute to their development."

Employees create awareness of equality and a sense of oneness

Based on the basic idea that "employees are collaborators in our business," Ricoh adopts a management style where the employees and senior executives work as one. As a way of reflecting this concept at RMT as well, the president, Japanese expatriates and local employees all take part in a 10-minute cleaning session every morning to implement the 5S activities* together at the offices and plants. In addition, we are hiring engineers, operators and staff on the assumption that local employees will one day be exclusively in charge of the site's operations. For this reason, we set up a mechanism for training employees, allocating day-to-day work, and sharing information with them.

  • *Five categories regarding sorting, organizing, cleaning, maintaining sanitation and discipline
Implementing standardized CSR education

For the employees hired at RMT, we offer the same thorough education as all Ricoh Group employees worldwide as much as possible in order to give employees sufficient knowledge of CSR activities, including environmental conservation and information security management system (ISMS), to ensure that they implement these activities in their workplace and community. In addition, as part of the education and training curriculum, senior executives take time to directly deliver significant messages on such topics as the Group's management philosophy.

Providing a menu of benefits meeting the needs of local communities

Sports Day at RMT, Thailand

Sports Day at RMT, Thailand

While expanding the mechanism for education and training, we are also expanding the menu of benefits and creating a suitable workplace environment in a bid to motivate RMT's local employees to extend their employment period. For example, we started providing a bus service to make it easier for employees to commute from regions far from RMT. We also organize and host sports days, New Year's parties, employee bus trips and events to promote internal communication with local employees.

Continuing to improve training and benefits through dialogue with local employees

An employee trip

An employee trip

We adjust the training program and benefits provided to fit local customs and culture while thoroughly passing down product-making technology and knowhow, and the Code of Conduct they should follow as employees of the Ricoh Group. For example, the training curriculum has been reviewed and improved after checking the trainees' level of understanding through questionnaires. The department in charge of these programs first inform local employees of what Ricoh is seeking, then decide on improvement measures after productive discussions leading to everyone's consent. In addition, RMT has a committee run by employees instead of a labor union. The management recognizes employee's voices through debates with this committee and debate on measures that benefit both sides. Through such efforts, RMT aims to grow into a business where all employees work together as one.

Promoting environmental conservation and effective use of human resources that will serve as role models in the industrial districts of China, the world's factory

  • Ricoh Thermal Media (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. / China

Ricoh Thermal Media (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. / China

Ricoh established the Ricoh Thermal Media (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (RTM) in China's Wuxi City High Technology Industry Development Zone which consolidated the manufacturing and sales of thermo-sensitive labels for bar codes and other products. Production began there in April 2008. Some 190 Japanese, European and American companies have already opened bases in Wuxi City, which has become the largest production site in the global economy. RTM (Wuxi) is promoting various efforts, aiming to become a model factory in the region.

Realizing zero industrial wastewater to protect water sources

In China, industrial wastewater from papermaking processes comprises 17% of total emissions of industrial wastewater nationwide, and is a major cause of water pollution. To contribute to resolving this issue, we installed at RTM (Wuxi) Ricoh's proprietary chemicalfree wastewater processing system ahead of its competitors. The system dries up waste liquids, changes them into solid waste, reuses them as fuel, and completely eliminates the volume of waste water from the manufacturing process at plants. Because plants manufacturing thermal media use large volumes of liniment, it is very difficult to completely eliminate wastewater. However, we considered it an important challenge for reducing environmental impact and actively took it on.

Recycling activities aimed at Zero-Waste-to-Landfill

Recycling center that distinguishes the waste placement

Recycling center that distinguishes the waste placement

RTM (Wuxi) also promotes the Zero-Wasteto-Landfill activities* that the Ricoh Group is implementing worldwide. The company opened a proprietary recycling center to promote the recycling of waste. We then collected several dozen types of waste and recycled them. For example, waste liniment paper—which comprises more than 70% of all waste released from RTM (Wuxi)—is delivered to paper manufacturers by waste-collection businesses, and is 100% recycled as materials for toilet paper. In addition, we collect and reuse the cans and bottles of the chemicals used as ingredients for thermal liniment.

  • *Ricoh's Zero-Waste-to-Landfill refers to 100% recycling rates and zero processing at landfills.
Progressive environmental conservation activities win high praise from the local community

In addition to conforming to applicable Chinese laws, RTM (Wuxi) sets its own higher standards, and actively engages in environmental conservation. This stance has been highly praised by the local community. In March 2009, the company was certified as one of the district's most eco-friendly firms along with seven others. During the same period, the company passed the district's clean-production inspection* and in June it won the title of Wuxi Environmentally Friendly Corporate Activities Green Rank. The company's long-term diligent activities conducted in Wuxi City were recognized by Jiangsu Province as well. In March 2010, the company became one of five companies to be certified from a pool of several tens of thousands of candidate firms.

  • *Production activities at Wuxi City aiming for such activities as pollutant reduction, energy conservation, and recycling. Few firms participated spontaneously.
Maximizing human resources

Maximizing human resources

When creating a new base, we appoint experienced local Chinese staff as leaders. We train workers by accurately delivering Ricoh's views on manufacturing and explaining the Group's management policies. In this way, we have achieved a vertical launch in a short period of time. The presence of leaders also enhances communication between employees, which produced enthusiastic employees amid a comfortable environment. In addition, the company is taking various measures to create a sense of social responsibility among employees. In these ways, Ricoh is maximizing its diverse human resources while promoting cutting-edge environmental conservation so as to become a model manufacturer in China as well.