We possess production sites in five regions around the world, based on which we are developing a global "Regionally Produced and Regionally Consumed" system.
We have put our focus not only on improving production efficiency but also on continuing with comprehensive reform of the supply chain process, including sales, production, procurement and logistics, in such a way as to shorten total lead time, optimize inventories, and reduce environmental impact.

Production in the optimal location meets customer needs around the world

Production sites in the five regions around the world in which we operate adopt a production system based on the concept of "production in the optimal location for maximum efficiency," which is supported by a combination of "intensive production" to produce high quality products efficiently at the lowest possible cost and "local production for local consumption" to promptly provide products and services at locations that are convenient to and that meet the needs of local customers.

Promotion of -production in the optimal location for maximum efficiency-to accurately meet customer needs around the world

"Ricoh's production system," which is resistant to change

“Ricoh's original production system,” which is resistant to change

We adopt "Ricoh's original production system," which is designed to achieve high productivity and low environmental impact, and to aim at manufacturing products that are resistant to change. In 1999, Ricoh began gradually eliminating fixed conveyor lines and introducing a layout-free production system capable of responding flexibly to production volume and equipment model changes. In an example of this, the "cart production line," multiple carts are lined up in a row and powered by air cylinders. The carts move along the production line carrying products. Our system allows a significant reduction in environmental impact and energy costs. In addition, because the layout can be freely changed, the formation can be rearranged on a case-by-case basis to suit equipment models and production volumes.

"MB & R Production" to reduce costs for inventories of finished products

MB & R (Modular Build & Replenishment) is a production method in which modeling is performed at the latest possible step of the production process by producing modules at lower cost in an intensive manner at concentrated production sites (China and Thailand) and assembling finished modules at production sites in consuming regions (Japan, the Americas, Europe) after selecting the type to meet changes in demand. This method has allowed us to reduce the inventories of finished goods and, accordingly, management expenses.

-MB & R Production- to reduce costs for inventories of finished products

Reduced delivery time with the configuration service

This is a service to deliver customers products with optional items already attached and for which necessary settings, including IP addresses, have already been configured at the factory. Products are delivered directly from the factory to the customer in the form of an all-in-one package. This service helps shorten the installation time of the machine, and it also contributes to a substantial reduction of packaging materials compared with the traditional delivery of items separately packaged in cardboard.

Conventional packaging versus the configuration service

Conventional packaging versus the factory kitting service

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