Provision of total solutions

One-stop development of workflow


"TotalFlow," in combination with the high-performance production printer "Pro" series, helps create an optimal business workflow for customers in the commercial printing sector. "TotalFlow, " which is based on open-architecture, is composed of software developed by Ricoh and prepress, post-processing and professional services.
The Ricoh Group also offers support for planning business strategies, developing business models, and training personnel to use POD and color management effectively. And it provides training seminars on how to operate systems and supports their actual operations. Through these efforts, we contribute to creating new value that satisfies both our own customers and those of our clients.


"Printing Innovation Center," creating business together with customers

Printing Innovation Center, a showroom designed to create a business together with customers

The "Printing Innovation Center" is a place where customers can experience "creation of a new work style," "creation of information value" and "creation of a business" provided by the Ricoh Group's printing solutions. Visitors can see, understand and try printing environments and gain hands-on experience with a system that is similar to an actual application suited to their type of business and job requirements. The Centers are located in various cities in Japan, as well as London, New York, and other cities.

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Providing "Environmental" value in the production printing sector

Efforts to achieve sustainability, such as reducing environmental impact, are also expected in the production printing sector, including commercial printing and in-house printing. Based on its successful achievements in reducing environmental impact in the office solutions sector, the Ricoh group develops top environmentally conscious products and environmental technology, and provides solutions such as "Carbon Balanced Production Printing," which helps customers reduce their environmental impact.

  • Pro C901/901S

    Awarded the industry's first and highest prize, the Energy Conservation Grand Prize

    "Pro C901/901S" (launched in October 2010) received the Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Prize in the Product and Business Model category of the 2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize organized by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ). With its energy saving design features such as a lower melting point for the toner and improved fixing devices, the product achieved the TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) value set by the International Energy Star program for the first time among printers providing high-speed printing at 90 pages per minute.

  • Pro C901, C751/C651 series

    Received the INGEDE certification for its easy-to-recycle toner

    The toner used in the Pro C series received the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) certification. The level of "deinking" indicates the ease with which toner is removed from paper in the recycling process. A higher level of deinking promotes paper recycling. This certification recognizes that the toner used for the Pro C series contributes to further promotion of sustainable printing services.

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