Document Services

Businesses look for more than the value of document devices; they look for optimal solutions that enable efficient collaboration of all documentation-related elements including document devices and information infrastructure.
To deliver such solutions and satisfy customer needs, the Ricoh Group will continue to enhance its hardware lineup and sales and support services, thereby delivering greater customer value that caters to specific document needs and environments.
Our aspiration is to become an indispensable business partner for our customers.

Product Strategy

Expanding our portfolio of competitive products and delivering one-stop solutions around the globe

Meeting a wide variety of customer needs in various countries with our one-stop solutions and full product range

Aiming to satisfy a wide variety of customer needs around the world, the Ricoh Group has continued extending the depth and reach of its products and services, ranging from MFPs and printers for offi ce use to production printers. In the A3 MFP segment, of which Ricoh has the largest global market share, we have foraged ahead of our competitors by fully redesigning our mid-speed color MFP model in 2012 to meet Japan's energy efficiency qualifications. We have also added new models to our A4 MFPs and printers, extending our product mix to cover low-end to high-end models.

Aggressive roll-out of new A4 models in developed and emerging markets

We are continuously expanding our lineup of A4 models, particularly focusing on the development of color models for large corporate MDS customers (as part of a full imaging product range) in developed countries, as well as models that can meet the needs of emerging markets, which are expected to see significant increased demand for printing devices and services. In the year ended March 2012, we added nine new models to our A4 MFP lineup and 14 models to our A4 printer lineup.


Business expansion into rapidly growing emerging markets

While developed markets have seen a slow growth, emerging markets have been expanding on a continuous basis. Among these markets, the Asia Pacific region in particular is considered to have significant growth potential, and the Ricoh Group is expanding and strengthening its production, sales, and R&D facilities in this region.
As we aim to establish a solid foundation in emerging markets, particularly in China, East Asia, and India, we will strive to deliver products and services that meet local characteristics and needs and continue upgrading them by leveraging our group-wide product development capabilities and technological excellence, identifying local needs appropriately, and conducting effective marketing efforts.
In the year ended March 2012, we successively launched products specifically targeting emerging markets. As a result, our market share and sales in these areas have been growing steadily.

Our share in Asia Pacific region MFP market(Source: Ricoh)

Our share in Asia Pacific region MFP market

Strengthening sales network

Establishment of the 11th Asia-Pac sales subsidiary in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most promising emerging economies following the BRICs. We established a sales company, Ricoh Vietnam Company Limited, in Ho Chi Min City, which started operations in November 2011. With this, our 11th sales subsidiary in the Asia Pacific region, added to our existing distributor-based sales network in the country, we have established a direct sales network and will further strengthen our Vietnam operations by delivering Ricoh's distinct high value-added solutions, support, and services based on our globally consistent sales strategy.

Stronger sales network through M&As

Ricoh India Limited announced its acquisition of Momentum Infocare, a local IT service provider, in May 2011. At the same time, Ricoh Australia Pty, Ltd. acquired Print Solutions Group (PSG) to strengthen our position and capabilities in the office printing market.

Expansion of product lineups

Main models for emerging markets

Expansion of product lineups SP 100SF

In the year ended March 2012, we launched six low-end MFP models and eight MFP models targeting emerging markets.
SP 100SF, an A4-MFP model, was created through our marketing and development activities in China. The model made its debut in China in October 2011 and in India and other Asian markets in and after May 2012.

Expansion of production sites

Establishing a "local-for-local" production system in the Asia Pacific region

In September 2009, Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. started operations. The new production site allows us to source more parts and materials from local suppliers, secure production capacity, address expanding business, and diversify risks associated with production facilities.

Strengthening of R&D facilities

New R&D facilities to develop solutions offered for emerging markets

Expansion of R&D facilities

In February 2012, we established the IT-focused R&D facility, Ricoh Innovations Private Limited (RIPL), in Bangalore in southern India. RIPL creates IT solutions for local customers by leveraging Ricoh's leading-edge core IT technologies, which have been cultivated over many years.

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Managed Document Services (MDS)

Offering various high-quality outsourcing services with global, customized and one-stop services.

Ricoh Group's MDS

Ricoh's Managed Document Services (MDS) relieve customers from the burden of managing their printing and all other document-related tasks, allowing them to reduce costs and improve productivity and efficiency.
Our MDS are designed to ensure that all our customers can enjoy a frustration-free user experience by allowing them to use the information they require when they need it. Specifically, we design, build, and implement the optimal information infrastructure and workflow for entire document-related processes required by our customers, ranging from document creation to effective throughput, while continuously offering suggestions for improvement. And the management of document related environments is only a small part of what our MDS have to offer: The Ricoh Group provides in-depth operational solutions, including i-Invoicing *, document process outsourcing (DPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO).

  • *Ricoh's e-invoicing solution

Global leadership in quality and market share

According to a survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading global IT research firm,* Ricoh was No. 2 in global MPS market share in 2011. IDC's 2011 survey categorized us as the "Leader" group for the second consecutive year. In distinguished recognition of our MDS strategies and capabilities in particular, the survey report states that Ricoh's "global scope (consistent global structure, governance and process) is one of its biggest differentiators" and that the "company's structured approach to MDS delivery is also distinctive."

  • *"IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Print Services 2011 Hardcopy Vendor Analysis"

Global leadership in quality and market share

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Phases of our MDS designed to efficiently solve customer management issues

Cost control, sustainability management, information security governance, effective business process operation, high employee productivity, information asset management and use, and strategic infrastructure development are often high on the list of management issues facing our customers. To support customers in addressing these priority issues effectively, the Ricoh Group's MDS—consisting of five phases: understand, improve, transform, govern, and optimize—visualizes their document related environment and develops proposed plans for improvement. Even after implementation of our plans, we provide ideas to enhance efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Managed Document ServicesPhases of our MDS designed to efficiently solve customer management issues

Staff expansion and training for excellent MDS quality

The Ricoh Group designs and offers optimal MDS tailored to each customer through its worldwide MDS network of more than 30,000 dedicated sales and technical professionals. In addition, for customers who wish to introduce MDS on a global scale, our Global Competency Center provides all necessary support, continuous monitoring, and advice for improvement.
To make the most of these resources, we continue to upgrade global training programs to further enhance the quality of our sales and customer service staff.
Furthermore, we have also expanded our MDS teams in the five regions of the world where we operate. We also provide multifaceted global training programs designed exclusively for MDS professionals, which include face-to-face training, a change management trainer certification program, manager training, TRAC training, MDS tool training, and more.

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Investment for the expansion of our global MDS network

To expand and strengthen its MDS network and capabilities, the Ricoh Group has made continual investments, which include the acquisition of IKON Office Solutions of the U.S. in 2008, Carl Lamm of Sweden in 2009, Georg Kohl of Germany in 2010, and the Print Solutions Group of Australia in 2011.


i-Invoicing for making transition to electronic invoicing smooth

i-Invoicing for making transition to electronic invoicing smooth

Shifting to electronic invoicing is considered an operational improvement measure that achieves both greater efficiency and related cost reduction. In Europe, most invoicing is paper-based and a growing number of companies, particularly large corporations, are interested in shifting to e-invoicing.
In practice, however, the shift towards the electronic alternative has made little progress. Existing software and solutions often require the conversion of all invoices to electronic form, which is not feasible in many cases, as many business partners are not necessarily ready to completely digitize their operations.
Ricoh Europe's i-Invoicing spares customers from such problems, since the e-invoicing service can handle paper-based invoices as well. The service also allows customers to complete the transition from paper to electronic form smoothly and hassle-free.
When preparing and sending invoices, customers initially send invoice data from their ERP systems to Ricoh's i-Invoicing Cloud. Ricoh then issues invoices to customers' business partners in the format that each partner designates (e.g., paper, e-mail, fax or other electronic means). When processing account payables, Ricoh reads invoice data with MFPs or scanners, which may be in paper (postal), fax, or e-mail (e.g. PDF) format, and forwards the data from i-Invoicing Cloud to customers' ERP systems.
Information security is also guaranteed. Ricoh, an ISO 27001- certified company, protects customers' data and uses its cloud environment in a strict and responsible manner so data is maintained even in the event of an emergency. In addition, there is basically no initial investment required from customers for this service and specific offerings can be customized a case-by-case based on document volume, business size, etc.
Leveraging its core expertise in printing and scanning as well as its global network, the Ricoh Group will aggressively expand this intelligent electronic invoicing system initially in the European market, where there is huge growth potential, and eventually to other geographic areas.

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