The Ricoh Group offers a diverse range of products and services that raise the productivity of customers around the world. Today, in addition to our heritage business of multifunction devices, printers and other office imaging equipment, our portfolio comprises integrated solutions and services including network communication products, document management systems, IT services and production print solutions. These are designed to meet the evolving needs and workstyles of our customers in keeping with our corporate mission to deliver value to all our stakeholders through innovations that enhance the way people live and do business.

Transforming our core business

Imaging and Solutions constitutes the core business of the Ricoh Group, and generates about 90% of total sales. In addition to multifunction devices, printers and other office imaging equipment, our products and services cover production printers and commercial printing technology.
In anticipation of changes to customer needs, we are adapting our Imaging and Solutions business to suit new business paradigms and the evolution of workstyles. These proactive measures will allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers and achieve more robust growth.

Imaging and Solutions

Changing customer needs and workstyles

Recent years have brought significant changes in the world’s social and economic environment, including globalization, the growth of emerging economies, and the evolution of network technologies. To gain a competitive edge, companies are upgrading their operational efficiency and productivity.
Against this backdrop, we see the focus of customer demand shifting from owned products to services. In addition, the workstyles of our customers are changing and becoming more diversified as advances in digital technologies and the widespread use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, together with cloud computing, have brought about a wider spectrum of communications options. For many knowledge workers, the workplace is no longer contained within four walls. They want to access and share information and print it out anytime, from anywhere, as easily and securely as they do in the office.

New workstyles and venues New workstyles and venues

Building a new business model

The Ricoh Group recognizes these changes, and we are fully employing our strengths — including an extensive global network and close relationships with customers — to visualize the challenges our customers face and respond with solutions for improving workflow, reducing the total cost of ownership, upgrading compliance and information security, reducing environmental impact and other business factors.
In developed markets, we are shifting from our traditional product-based business model to a new model composed of both products and solutions. Meanwhile, in emerging markets, we are expanding by offering MFPs and other printers designed to match local needs, and by ramping up our sales and service networks. We believe there will soon be greater demand for solutions and services in these vibrant emerging markets as well, since social changes similar to those that have taken place in developed markets are anticipated to arise and spread rapidly there.

New business model New business model

Customer-centric one-stop solutions

The Ricoh Group offers one-stop solutions that support customers in many ways.
Our extensive offerings now include: managed document services (MDS), in which we operate and manage all document-related tasks for the customer; IT services that ensure optimal installation of office equipment and PC and network environments; and communications-related solutions that support video conferencing, paperless meetings and various other business interactions.
These new offerings are part of our rapidly-growing Network System Solutions business.

Sales of Network System Solutions Sales of Network System Solutions

Expansion of Ricoh’s business areas Expansion of Ricoh’s business areas

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Managed Document Services (MDS)

Global MPS market share

Ricoh’s MDS relieves customers from the burden of managing all their document-related tasks, raising productivity while lowering fixed and hidden costs.
Customers can enjoy a frustration-free user experience that gives them quick access to the information they require. Specifically, we design, install and implement the optimal information infrastructure and workflow for entire document-related processes, ranging from document generation to throughput, and we follow up with continuous suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, the Ricoh Group provides in-depth operational solutions including i-Invoicing*, document process outsourcing (DPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO).
According to Gartner, Inc., a leading US-based global IT research firm, Ricoh was the world’s second-largest MPS provider based on 2011 sales, with a market share of 20%. We will continue to be a leading documentation management provider for a wide range of local, national and global customers.

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IT services

To raise productivity and reduce costs, many companies are concentrating an increasing share of their human resources in core businesses. Accordingly, more and more customers are turning to the Ricoh Group for administration of their computers and IT networks in addition to their office imaging equipment. In fact, demand for outsourcing of comprehensive IT-related processes — from development and implementation to ongoing management — is growing.
Smaller companies in particular often do not have dedicated IT departments, so tech-savvy employees have to divert time from their regular duties to deal with rapidly changing technologies. The Ricoh Group can fulfill the needs of these companies with high-quality IT services, drawing on the information technology and network-related expertise we have gained through our work with office imaging and communications equipment. We provide a full range of support, including the adoption, operation, management, maintenance and continuous monitoring of entire IT systems including computers, servers, networks and other devices.
This all-inclusive service was built on the Group’s experience in pursuing the most effective use of IT systems for our own operations. By serving as an IT department for our customers, we free them to focus on their core businesses rather than on IT concerns.

Ricoh IT Services

Solving customer problems with Ricoh IT services


IT staff were too preoccupied with day-to-day IT administration (computer malfunctions, resetting of passwords, etc.) to devote time to the IT strategy that is indispensable for the company’s growth.


Outsourcing IT support to Ricoh freed the IT staff to focus on strategically important tasks while ensuring a high level of IT support.

Unique ability to anticipate future needs

The Ricoh Group has created and will continue to create new value for customers based on our future-oriented research and development (R&D), accumulated technological excellence, systems for seeking and incorporating customer feedback, and global R&D, sales and service networks. Our innovations emerge from understanding that the sum of our individual efforts allows us to promptly respond to customer needs — or to identify and meet needs even before customers themselves are aware of them.

Future-oriented research and development

Our R&D activities start with envisioning how office environments will change over the next decade. We then identify essential technologies to meet anticipated workplace needs.

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Accumulated technological excellence

Over the years, in the course of designing and developing cameras, diazo copiers, photo-sensitive paper, copiers, facsimiles, MFPs and many other products and solutions, we have invented and accumulated various fundamental technologies. These include expertise related to optics, chemical materials, electrophotography, mechatronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, inkjet printing, image processing, software and IT. In fact, as of March 31, 2013, our R&D activities had earned 45,604 patents worldwide — clear evidence of our inventiveness.

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Systems for seeking and incorporating customer feedback

We listen closely to customers and incorporate their feedback into our products and services through our customer relations management (CRM) database, customer satisfaction surveys, call centers at more than 60 locations worldwide and other feedback systems that allow us to see in real time the changing needs of our diverse range of customers. Listening well has yielded benefits — for example, a configuration service that pre-installs optional items and settings such as IP addresses at the factory.

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Global R&D, sales and service networks

The Ricoh Group’s global research and development structure harnesses exceptional talent and technical assets to devise outstanding support for customers worldwide.
We run our sales and service activities out of four regional headquarters — Japan, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific & China — to effectively meet the local needs of specific markets. We ensure a balance between worldwide reach and local expansion while we continue to strengthen our network and expand our service offerings, with mergers and acquisitions among the tactics we employ.

Research and development infrastructure
Efficient production closer to the customer

Growing together with our customers

Major investments for service business expansion (M&A during the 17th MTP)
Year Name of Company Country Domain
2011 Momentum Infocare Private Limited India IT services
2011 Print Solutions Group Australia MDS
2012 HSSK Forensics, Inc. USA MDS
2012 ADA-Das SystemHaus GmbH Germany IT services
2012 IMC Communications Australia IT services
2012 01 Innovations Pte Ltd. Singapore IT services
2013 Aventia Spain IT services

Growing together with our customers

Through a customer-centric approach and support services that let us rapidly identify, understand and solve issues, the Ricoh Group has built strong customer relationships that serve as the foundation for business expansion.
We place a priority on understanding the challenges customers face and the value they expect from us. By solving their issues, we can grow together with our customers as they succeed in their businesses.

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