Structure for creating innovation

Technology development process

The Ricoh Group's R&D (Research and Development) is structured to help us gain customer knowledge, anticipate the future based on global economic, social, and technological trends, and realize comfortable 21st-century workstyles.
We call the values we provide "RICOH Brand Benefits." Our innovative technology development is based on the ideals of "Harmonize with the environment," "Simplify your work and life" and 2Support knowledge management." This leads to products and services that delight our customers.
The sequence from research and development to product design and marketing begins with a technology strategy for R&D aimed at creating new businesses and renovating existing ones.
Next, our product strategy guides our product merger system, under which we combine platforms and modules and 3D simulation for more efficient development.
Our marketing strategy at the sales and support stage is set up to involve our customers in creating value together with us. Initiatives include our developer program and, at Technology Centers around the world, system solution development and customized development.

Technology development process

Research and development infrastructure

[Global technology development system]

The Ricoh Group has research and development sites worldwide, including in Japan, the United States, India and China. Each site studies market needs and conducts research, technology development and design in a regionally appropriate manner. Technology Centers and Printing Innovation Centers can also be found around the world, and are part of a system for learning market needs directly from customers by providing them with support.

[Open innovation]

We practice open innovation, actively collaborating with universities, research institutes and companies that possess the technical expertise we need. These flexible, win-win partnerships with different businesses and industries let us accelerate the pace of creating leading-edge technologies.
In 2012, for example, we took part in the "Next-Generation Printed Electronics Materials and Processes Basic Technology Development" project of NEDO, Japan's largest technology development organization, for the creation of energy-efficient reflective color electronic paper. No light source is necessary to illuminate this paper, which won a prize in the Projects division of the Nanotech Awards. We also collaborated on the Green University of Tokyo Project for more efficient energy management, and participated in big data HEMS/BEMS field tests using an IEEE 1888-compliant "smart tap."

Principal research centers of the Ricoh Group
Location Name Main functions Research subjects
Miyagi, others)
Ricoh Co. Ltd.
(R&D headquarters,
Worldwide R&D integration with research and development from basic to practical core competences for pioneering new markets. Basic, component and environmental technologies, implementation of R&D, design, solutions, etc.
(Silicon Valley)
Ricoh Innovations
Produce innovative Silicon Valley technologies and new business ideas that seamlessly connect all things and people all the time. Intelligent sensing, computational optics, image processing, wireless communication, cloud collaboration, etc.
Ricoh Innovations
Private Limited
Create new IT solutions onsite by leveraging core technologies developed at the Ricoh Group and adapting them to local needs. IT solutions for education, media and entertainment, healthcare.
Ricoh Software
Research Center
(Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Promote R&D in IT supported by abundant human resources. Image and video processing, embedded system, wireless network, system control, data mining, etc.

Global R&D / Open Innovation

Continuous investment in R&D

The Ricoh Group consistently invests about 5% to 6% of sales in R&D to continue bringing forth innovations. R&D expenses for fiscal 2013 (ended March 31, 2013) were 112.0 billion yen (about 5.8% of sales). Over 16% of this investment, or 18.0 billion yen, went to basic research.

Changes in R&D investment
Changes in R&D investment

Initiatives for intellectual property

Intellectual property — the fruit of our R&D — is one of our most valuable resources and a vital component of Ricoh Brand Benefits. We are also active in acquiring and implementing intellectual property that protects and grows our business. In fiscal 2013, for example, we published roughly 4,400 patents and issued more than 25,000 patents in Japan and over 20,000 in other countries. Patents outside Japan facilitate the global expansion of our business.
As a result, Ricoh was named one of 2012's Top 100 Global Innovators. The list, published by Thomson Reuters*, "identifies the most innovative organizations in the world through a series of patentbased metrics including overall innovation (patent) activity, patent grant success rate, globalization and influence." Ricoh earned high praise for meeting the selection standards "overall patent volume," "global reach of the portfolio" and "patent influence as evidenced by citations," recognizing the success of our continuous technological innovation.

* Thomson Reuters is an organization that provides "intelligent information" to businesses and professionals. Based in New York City, it also has major offices in London and Eagan, Minnesota and about 60,000 employees in over 100 countries.

Number of patents registered overseas
Number of patents registered overseas

White papers

White papers

Ricoh publishes white papers that reveal our approach to innovation, as well as background on our products, services and R&D initiatives. They also provide our views on various topics, including technology and market trends. These publications help our customers and partners better understand the value the Ricoh Group provides. The following white papers are currently available, and we continue to add to the list.

  • "Creating a Sustainable Society through Environmental Management"
  • "Ricoh's Unified Communication bringsRenovation to Collaboration"
  • "Ricoh's Next-Generation Machine Vision:A Window on the Future"

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