Human Resource Management

Occupational Safety and Health

A safe and healthy place to work

The Ricoh Group places high priority on the health and safety of all its employees. Initiatives that include a healthy working environment, child care and a commitment to work-life balance make the companies of the Ricoh Group places where people from diverse backgrounds can fully exercise their abilities.
Moreover, we provide full disclosure of our safety record and present information about related programs to the public so as to raise the general standard of welfare in the communities where we operate.

Managing the health of all employees

With the cooperation of the health insurance union, the Ricoh Group has developed an IT system to manage mental and physical health through the prevention and early detection of problems, with check-ups following treatment.
In fiscal 2012, we supplemented legally mandated diagnostic programs with inspections for lifestylerelated illnesses and early detection of cancer for all employees over the age of 35.
Our total health management covers all group companies and involves the collaboration of staff who work on mental health, physical health, and labor issues.

Strengthening our programs

The Ricoh Group adopted an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) before any other company, and we continue to improve our safety standards. We use a database of occupational accidents that occur within the Group to share information on causes as well as measures to prevent recurrence, and to implement group-wide safety standards. In 2013, the Group's priority is on eliminating accidents involving falls, cuts and abrasions, entanglement hazards, and lower back pain.

Activities related to occupational safety and health/Frequency of work-related accidents (Ricoh)

Communication with employees

Communication engagement survey Employee engagement survey
The Ricoh Group seeks to create a workplace environment where individual employees are encouraged to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and enjoy a sense of ownership in their work. This is in keeping with The RICOH Way, our fundamental philosophy, values and action guidelines.
As part of our efforts, we regularly conduct employee engagement surveys. In fiscal 2013, we conducted these surveys at 21 group companies in Japan (with about 36,000 employees), and garnered a response rate of over 90%. The survey results, which were announced on our intranet and in-house publication, are used to plan measures for improvement.
These surveys will be extended to include overseas group companies in fiscal 2014, with the aim of making the Ricoh Group a truly global company built upon a common foundation, The RICOH Way.

Employee Council
Ricoh Employee Council meetings are manifestations of our belief that employees are collaborators in the growth of our business. The Council's central meetings serve as a forum for communication between senior executives and other employees, with top management sharing information concerning the current state of the company and their management policies with representatives from 14 offices.
The information is subsequently conveyed to all employees through workplace meetings as well as through the Council's newsletters. Additional sectional meetings are held to deliberate company-wide issues such as pay raises, bonuses and event schedules, and the results of these deliberations are presented to Ricoh's senior executives.

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