Industrial Solutions

Industrial innovations based on technologies accumulated over time and developed through continuous improvement in manufacturing, for FA, logistics and production

Precision Polishing/Cleaning Technology –Agglomerated Abrasive Grain –

image:Precision Polishing/Cleaning Technology –Agglomerated Abrasive Grain –

A polishing technology which can be applied to workpieces such as optical glass and polycarbonate resins.

Stereo Camera

image:Stereo Camera

Developed two types of stereo camera by high-precision packaging, calibration and parallax computation.


Extended Depth-of-Field Camera

image:Extended Depth-of-Field Camera

Ricoh greatly extends the depth-of-field by combining a unique lens and image processing.

Polarization Camera

image:Polarization Camera

Ricoh's polarization camera can acquire polarization info. from a subject in real-time.


Multi-spectroscopic Camera

image:Multi-spectroscopic Camera

Ricoh's multi-spectroscopic camera can acquire spectral informtaion and compute spectrum and chromaticity of a subject in real-time.

Aqueous Resin Type Inkjet Ink

image:Aqueous Resin Type Inkjet Ink

Capable of printing in high density not only on plastic base materials but on paper as well. Excellent in safety, color reproducibility and jetting-reliability.

Photo (UV)-curable Inkjet Ink

image:Photo (UV)-curable Inkjet Ink

Newly developed photo (UV)-curable inkjet ink significantly reduces skin sensitization.

Smart Position Motor System

image:Smart Position Motor System

An encoder integrated brushless DC motor and a device which controls its position, achieving savings in energy and resources.


Cart Production Line

image:Cart Production Line

An environment-friendly production line comprising multiple carts and powered by air cylinders.

Small-sized Toner Filling Machine

image:Small-sized Toner Filling Machine

A compact toner filling machine that requires only 1/40 the installation space used by conventional machines.


Downsized Production Line for Photoconductors

image:Downsized Production Line for Photoconductors

A photoconductor production line that achieves a substantial reduction in air-conditioned clean room space.

Dry Washing Technology

image:Dry Washing Technology

An environmentally-friendly technology to remove residue without using solvents or water.


Rewritable Laser System

image:Rewritable Laser System

  • A printing process using laser diode allows rewriting to durable, outdoor proof media without contact.

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