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Research efforts

Four Primary R&D Focus Areas and Fundamental Technologies

Four Primary R&D Focus Areas and Fundamental Technologies

With environmental considerations, we focus on R&D to create leading edge products & services.

Global R&D / Open Innovation

Global R&D / Open R&D

To create products & services for the global market, We've expanded our R&D to the global arena.

Research on the Office of the Future

RICOH,Ricoh,the Office of the Future,Workstyle

Based on social trends and transitions in how we work, we examined the values to target in our R&D.

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Ricoh R & D Facilities

To create modern technologies quickly, we collaborate with worldwide R&D facilities, utilizing their strengths to promote our research efforts. We aiso established Technology Centers worldwide to support customers and respond to their voice quickly and reflect it into our products and solutions development.

Ricoh Innovations Corp.(Silicon Valley, USA and Bangalore, India)
Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.(China)


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