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Communicating on a Cloud (RICOH Unified Communication System)

Takahiro Asai



Research Theme: Developing Products that Entertain (Digital camera)

Haike Guan(Ph.D. in engineering)

Front Runner Special - Round-table Talk


Front Runner: Ricoh and Tokyo Steel score an industry “First”: Pushing back the frontiers of 100% recycled steel in a bid to save the planet (Electric furnace steel sheet)

Tokyo Steel : G. Ito, Y. Yagi
Ricoh : K. Ito, M. Sakakitani,
H. Hirota



Real Success Rests on Three Axes: People, Environment and Efficiency (Dry washing)

T. Sakaki, Y. Okamoto, A. Fuchigami, T. Iida, Y.Moriya

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