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Four Primary R&D Focus Areas and Fundamental Technologies

Four Primary R&D Focus Areas

The rapid technological revolution, globalization of businesss, etc. are bringing about dramatic changes in our working environment.
Without pause, Ricoh is continuing to emphasize R&D in the following 4 areas as we support our customers' new workstyles and business models and seek to solve environmental problems.

Office Solutions Printing Imaging/Devices Environment


Contribute to a sustainable society by developing technologies to minimize the environmental impact at every stage of a product's life cycle.



Develop technologies for MFPs and printers in both office and production printing market which maintain high quality and reliability as well as realizing efficient output.


Office Solutions

Develop technologies to facilitate knowledge management and encourage innovation for the knowledge worker in today's "anytime, anywhere" IT office environment.



Integrate optical/image processing, electronic device technologies, etc. to create unique technologies with new value.

Fundamental Technologies

Develop fundamental technologies for product design and production techniques which contribute to high-quality product manufacturing and continuous growth of the Ricoh group as well.

Fundamental Technologies

Office Solutions Printing Imaging/Devices Environment

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