Technology News 2009


Dec. 28
Engineer's interview - Research Theme: Developing Products that Entertain
Dec. 4
InternStory: A student from Germany, Mr. Bauer, tells his experience at Ricoh.
Dec. 1
Column new article: Technical Progress and Human Adaptability
Nov. 26
Biomass Toner Technology contributes to lessen environmental impact
Oct. 15
InternStory: A student from Belgium, Mr. Brans, tells his experience at Ricoh.
Oct. 15
High-speed Wireless LAN Technology has been added.
Oct 14
Environmentally-friendly Dry Washing Technology has been enhanced.
Sept. 17
Intern students tell their impression: Intern Story
Sept. 11
Silicon Valley interview: The Attraction of the New
Aug. 5
Bio- Paper Base Display Device Technolog have been added.
July 17
Technologies for production printing have been added.
July 7
Technologies for multifunctional copiers/printers have been added.
May 28
"Technology" page has been opened.

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