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Company History

1936 - 1969: Starting out - entering the business machines field

Feb. 6, 1936 Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd., formed to make and market sensitized paper.(until 1938)
Kiyoshi Ichimura appointed executive managing director.(until Jan. 11, 1946)
Kiyoshi Ichimura
Mar. 1938 Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd. renamed Riken Optical Co., Ltd. and starts production of optical devices and equipment.(until 1963)
Jan.12, 1946 Kiyoshi Ichimura appointed president (until Dec.16, 1968)
Apr. 1953 Ohmori Plant opens in Ota-ku, Tokyo, through merger of affiliate companies Asahi Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Aiko Trading Co., Ltd.; camera manufacturing resumed. Ohmori Plant
Nov. 1955 Introduced Ricoh's first diazo copier, "Ricopy 101." Ricopy 101
Jan. 1957 Establishes Japan's first mass-production system for cameras; awarded Ohkochi Memorial Production Prize for techniques to mass-produce cameras. Ohkochi Memorial Production Prize
Jul. 1960 Sindo Koeki., Ltd. founded in Korea (renamed Sindo Ricoh Co., Ltd. in 1970).
Aug. 1960 Introduces the "RICOH OFFSET" duplicator, leading to low-cost high-volume copying in the office.
May 1961 Osaka Plant opens in Ikeda, Japan to manufacture sensitized paper.
Apr. 1962 Numazu Plant, Japan, formed. It features the world's first fully integrated production system of sensitized paper.
May 1962 Ohmori Plant and General Research Laboratory completed. Ohmori Plant and General Research Laboratory
Nov. 1962 Introduces the "Ricoh Auto Half", a half frame camera that proves to be a massive hit
Dec. 1962 Founded Ricoh Industries, U.S.A., Inc.
Apr. 1963 Changes corporate name to Ricoh Company, Ltd Changes corporate name to Ricoh Company, Ltd
Apr. 1963 Ricoh (Europe) S.A. established in Switzerland.( running until 1971)
Mar. 1965 Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded in Taiwan.
Sep. 1965 Introduces the "Ricopy BS-1" as its first electrostatic copier
Jul. 1967 Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd. established in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.
Oct. 1967 Sohka Ricoh Co., Ltd. founded in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. (renamed Ricoh Tokki Co., Ltd. in 1972, and then Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd. in 1990).
Dec. 1968 Founder and President Kiyoshi Ichimura passes away (16th). Founder and President Kiyoshi Ichimura passes away (16th).
Jan. 30, 1969 Mikio Tatebayashi appointed president (until Oct. 22, 1976). Mikio Tatebayashi appointed president