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Quick Tour

POINT1 Who we are

Not just copiers

In addition to MFPs and printers for office use, Ricoh offers a broad range of goods such as digital cameras, IC chips for mobile phones and portable music players, as well as numerous other products that make everyday life richer.

Figure : Offices

Operating in approximately 200 countries and regions worldwide

With more than 100,000 employees worldwide, Ricoh supports its customers through a sales and service network that stretches to almost every corner of the planet. Among other achievements, our success in winning the largest global market share for A3 Laser MFPs (including single function copiers) is testimony to the confidence our customers have in our products and services.

*IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2015 Q4
(based on shipped units in 2015)

POINT2 Our strengths

Figure : Genealogy of Ricoh technologies
* Click to enlarge

Delivering innovation through imagination and ideas

Since its foundation in 1936, Ricoh has developed and marketed many innovative products and accumulated significant technological expertise in a broad range of areas. With these assets, we continue to strive for technological innovation and new product development as we seek to create and deliver unprecedented value.

Figure : Delivering excellence on time

Customer-driven manufacturing

Ricoh's global production is attuned to local and regional market needs so as to ensure that quality products and services catering to local needs are delivered in a prompt and optimal manner.

Figure : Expansion of Ricoh's business areas

Customized sales and services

To provide customers with one-stop solutions for their various management issues, Ricoh has continuously expanded its offerings to include IT services and communications devices in addition to its mainstay document-related equipment and solutions.

POINT3 Financial highlights

Figure : Net sales

Expansion of both business domain and sales network

Ricoh has expanded its business domain by branching out from sales of copiers, printers and other imaging equipment into provision of solutions services. Currently, our net sales have grown to over 2 trillion yen, with more than 60% coming from overseas operations.

POINT4 A sustainable vision

Figure : Reinforcing products and services

Leveraging accumulated strengths to deliver new value

Building upon our global production network and customizing capability, Ricoh has vigorously entered new markets such as innovative communications-related fields, IT services, and managed document services.

Primary activities for stakeholders
Figure : Primary activities for stakeholders

Building a sustainable society

Ricoh's corporate activities are based on its belief that economic, social, and environmental issues are inseparable. Together with stakeholders, we strive to simultaneously achieve the creation of a sustainable society while generating profits.

POINT5 Getting the message out

Figure : Times Square's first green billboard fully powered by a natural energy source

Advertising and sponsorships

Sponsorship of major international sporting events and cultural activities are part of our efforts to build strong recognition of the Ricoh brand.
We have also installed eco-powered billboards in New York and other major cities to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.


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