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The Office & Beyond

Distribution/retailing, education, medical service, manufacturing and design/printing. Ricoh’s products and solutions have been chosen by customers in a diverse array of industries.


Ricoh offers products and solutions that improve office efficiency. In addition, Ricoh also proposes new workstyles through remote communication using projectors and video conferencing systems.Our solutions respond to customers in diverse settings, regardless of their industry or business.

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Solutions that address sales productiveness and effectiveness and cost reduction at the distribution sites. Ricoh offers a range of means for effectively utilizing IT communication equipment, with a one-stop service.

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Ricoh offers a new form of learning by effectively utilizing IT communication equipment. This service supports easy-to-understand classes. It is also effective in the development of capabilities to use the equipment. Ricoh offers one-stop service solutions that address various important issues.

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Medical services

Improving patient satisfaction. Reducing the workload of staff. Preventing medical malpractice. These are critical issues for medical institutions. Ricoh offers solutions to ensure safe and secure workstyles in the medical field.

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Visualization of the movement of goods at the production site. An efficient production line and increasing accuracy. Ricoh solutions solve issues for customers engaged in manufacturing. In this field, Ricoh offers prototyping using 3D printing and RECO-View, which integrates Ricoh’s proprietary thermal rewritable technology and RFID (wireless IC tag).

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With POD (print on demand) printing, Ricoh responds to needs for high-variety/short run/quick delivery period. A wide range of paper and special printing is available and the range of design has been extended. Ricoh also offers variable data printing, which prints different content on each piece of paper and has solutions for enterprise printing, including forms. Ricoh contributes to the expansion of business opportunities for its customers.

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