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A sustainable vision

Ricoh is committed to sustaining aggressive growth while preserving our environment.

Branching out

Leveraging existing strengths to win in new markets

Building upon our unique technologies, global production network, and customizing capability, Ricoh is branching out into promising new businesses.

Figure 1:Leveraging existing strengths to enter and win new marketsFigure 2:Leveraging existing strengths to enter and win new markets
Figure : Reinforcing products and services

New businesses launched in recent years

Managed Document Services (MDS)

Figure1 : Managed Document Services (MDS)

Ricoh's MDS relieves customers from the burden of managing their printing and all other document-related tasks, allowing them to reduce costs and improve productivity and efficiency. Our MDS are designed to ensure that all our customers can enjoy a frustration-free user experience by allowing them to use the information they require when they need it. Specifically, we design, build, and implement the optimal information infrastructure and workflow for entire related processes, ranging from document creation to effective use, while continuously offering suggestions for improvement.

According to a survey by International Data Corporation (IDC) named as a leader in Managed Print and Document Service for fourth time.

  • *IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Print and Document Services 2014 Hardcopy Vendor Assessment-Focus on Managed Workflow Servies ."Doc#250631, September 2014"

Learn more about MDS

Projection system

Figure :ProjectorProjector (ULTRA SHORT THROW)

Ricoh brings innovations to and improves the visual communications and work flow of its customers with its consistently high-value offerings. In addition to offering projector units that showcase Ricoh's excellent optical technology developed over many years, we develop related software, offer solutions services, and support customers in many other ways, making the most of our global sales and support network.

Unified Communication System

Figure : Unified Communication SystemUnified Communication System

We offer an unprecedented visual communications system that enables real-time video and voice communications from multiple locations via the Internet. This system allows users to hold a meeting with people at remote locations without the use of a large screen or video conference system. Since meeting participants can freely handle and share various forms of data such as video, voice, documents, text, and handwritten input, they are able to feel as if they were meeting face to face.

Other new frontiers

In addition, we will further expand and improve our IT services, cloud services and other service businesses to meet changing customer needs. We aim to grow these new businesses and deliver even greater value to customers.


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