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Financial highlights

With consolidated net sales of approx. 2 trillion yen, and sales from overseas operations making up approx. 55 % of global revenue, Ricoh is truly a global leader in office equipment solutions, helping our customers around the world achive greater productivity and workflow innovation.

Ten years of growth

Growth through global expansion

Figure : Net sales

The needs and value demands of today's customers have changed rapidly in line with shifts in the economy and society. Accordingly, Ricoh has expanded its business to include office solution services in addition to traditional equipment sales. To ensure continuous growth, we have successfully entered and are operating in markets such as Managed Document Services (MDS*1) and production printing*2. As a result, our business has grown to about two trillion yen in sales, more than half of which has come from overseas markets. Aiming at even further growth, we are also focusing on emerging markets such as China and India.

  • *1MDS
    A comprehensive service Ricoh provides its customers to enhance their workflow efficiency. With this service, print workload and performance are analyzed and, based on the results, recommendations for optimal layout of office equipment and an efficient document work flow are proposed. Support for implementation and maintenance is also available.
    Learn more about MDS
  • *2Production printing
    High-speed, high production printers and workflow solutions enables efficient high-volume printing of invoices and direct mails, as well as on-demand printing of various types of documents in small batches.
(In million yen)
  FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012   FY 2013 FY 2014
Sales 1,807,406 1,909,238 2,068,925 2,219,989 2,091,696 2,016,337 1,941,336 1,903,477   1,885,995 2,195,696
Percentage of overseas sales 46.4% 49.2% 51.6% 54.2% 55.1% 56.5% 54.9% 53.4%   55.7% 58.3%
Operating profit 131,109 148,584 174,380 181,506 74,536 65,997 58,071 -18,068   73,555 120,345
Profit before income tax expenses 130,983 152,766 174,519 174,669 30,939 57,524 44,169 -31,937   68,082 118,063
Profit 83,134 97,057 111,724 106,463 6,530 27,873 18,630 -44,560   43,818 78,452

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