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Executive Message

To Our Stakeholders and Customers

Zenji Miura

Zenji Miura
President and CEO

Since its foundation in 1936, the Ricoh Group has consistently endeavored to develop and provide innovation-driven products and services mainly in offering printing and document management solutions to an increasing number of customers.

To facilitate this commitment and growth, the Group has established the RICOH Way, a set of guiding principles and values that inform customers of its business activities, aiming to earn even greater trust and confidence from its customers as a reliable partner for productivity improvement and knowledge management. At the same time, we are working to make social and environmental contributions to sustainable development of society.
With globalization expanding and deepening in recent years, issues facing society are becoming increasingly complicated and diversified. In tandem with this social change come consistently increasing changes in the business environment. In this situation, corporations are expected to make meaningful contributions to overcoming multiple social issues while also seeking to create economic value. We believe these corporate efforts will drive innovation, thereby creating additional value.

With this view, the Group has launched the 17th Mid-Term Management Plan (17th MTP) that defines “business creation and integration” and “establishment of highly efficient management” as its two basic strategies. The three-year management plan is designed to enhance operational efficiency across the board to develop a robust corporate structure. At the same time, we are strengthening and expanding our core businesses while developing new business projects, thereby increasing the corporate value of the Group.

As part of the above efforts, in April 2012 the Ricoh Group introduced a new global brand tagline “imagine. change.” to express the concept that collective imagination can pave the way for change into the future.
With this new corporate message, the Group will continue its concerted efforts to drive innovation to a broader extent than customers’ expectations, aiming to remain their most valued and trusted business partner.

April 2013