R5541K Series

Low ON Resistance Nch Load Switch IC

Data Sheet
Data Sheet

The R5541K is a CMOS-based dual supply voltage load switch IC. The R5541K is an ideal switch for supplying the power from the secondary power source such as the output of a step-down DC/DC converter to the load circuit. A built-in Nch. transistor with typically 18mΩ ON resistance allows the R5541K to provide a low dropout voltage and prevents the reverse current during shutdown mode. Internally, a single IC consists of an internal voltage step-up circuit, a soft-start circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit, a chip enable circuit and a UVLO circuit.
The gate voltage of Nch. driver transistor is supplied by a soft-start circuit. The soft-start circuit is supplied by the external power source (VBIAS). Soft-start time is adjustable by connecting an external capacitor.
The R5541K is offered in an ultra-small 6-pin DFN(PLP)1216-6G package which achieve the smallest possible footprint solution on boards where area is limited.

Supply Current Typ. 25µA (IOUT = 0mA)
Standby Current Typ. 0.01µA
VIN Input Voltage Range 0.6V to 4.8V
VBIAS Input Voltage Range 2.5V to 5.5V
Switch ON Resistance Typ. 18mΩ (VIN = 1.0V, VBIAS = 5.0V)
Output Current Max. 3A
A single Nch MOSFET Circuit
Soft-start Function
Thermal Shutdown Circuit
Auto-discharge Function (R5541K001D)
Package DFN(PLP)1216-6G
  • Secondary Power Source for hand-held communication equipments and laptop PCs

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R5541K Series R5541K Series DFN(PLP)1216-6G to be prepared

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