Li-ion/polymer Battery Protection ICs

Ricoh's Li-ion/polymer battery protection ICs have been released to the market since 1995, when the Li-ion rechargeable batteries became available. Ricoh has nearly 20 years of experience developing these products. These protection ICs protect batteries provide features like over-charge/discharge voltage, excess charge/discharge current and short circuit.
Ricoh has a wide product portfolio of 1cell protection ICs for smartphones and tablets, 2cell protection ICs for DSLR and portable DVD players, multi cell protection ICs for electrical power tools and E-bike and 2nd protection ICs for notebook PCs and electrical power tools.

Li-ion/polymer Battery 2nd Protection IC Products Lineup

Ricoh's Li-ion/polymer battery 2nd protection ICs support over-charge voltage protection only. These are suitable from 2cell to 5cell battery pack.

Product Name R5434D R5435x
Supply Current Typ. 3.0µA 3.0µA
Standby Current Max. - 0.1µA  
Detector Threshold
3.6V to 4.6V
4.10V to 4.55V
Output Delay Time Typ. 1.5s 2.0s or 4.0s or 6.0s
COUT Output "H" Voltage Typ. 3.7V 4.7V
Shutdown Detector Threshold Typ. - 3.5V
Remarks 2 to 5cell 2 to 3cell
Package SON-8 DFN(PLP)1616-6B
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  • *)When using as a 2cell protection IC, please short VC3 pin and VSS pin. Please contact to Dexerials Corporation about Self Control Protector.


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