Li-ion/polymer Battery Protection ICs

Ricoh's Li-ion/polymer battery protection ICs have been released to the market since 1995, when the Li-ion rechargeable batteries became available. Ricoh has nearly 20 years of experience developing these products. These protection ICs protect batteries provide features like over-charge/discharge voltage, excess charge/discharge current and short circuit.
Ricoh has a wide product portfolio of 1cell protection ICs for smartphones and tablets, 2cell protection ICs for DSLR and portable DVD players, multi cell protection ICs for electrical power tools and E-bike and 2nd protection ICs for notebook PCs and electrical power tools.

Li-ion/polymer Battery 2nd Protection IC Products Lineup

Ricoh's Li-ion/polymer battery 2nd protection ICs support over-charge voltage protection only. These are suitable from 2cell to 5cell battery pack.

Product Name R5434D R5435x R5437L
Supply Current Typ. 3.0µA 0.85µA
Standby Current Max. - 0.1µA
Detector Threshold
3.6V to 4.6V
4.10V to 4.55V
4.10V to 4.60V
Output Delay Time Typ. 1.5s  2.0s or 4.0s or 6.0s
COUT Output "H" Voltage  Typ. 3.7V 4.7V
Shutdown Detector Threshold  Typ. - 3.5V
Remarks 2 to 5cell 2 to 3cell 1 to 3cell
Package SON-8 DFN(PLP)1616-6B
(The pin-layout of R5437L and that of R5438L is different.)
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  • *)When using as a 2cell protection IC, please short VC3 pin and VSS pin. Please contact to Dexerials Corporation about Self Control Protector.


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