Power Management IC

RD5T7319 is the power management IC. It integrates four high-efficiency DCDC (step-down x 2ch, buck-boost x 2ch) converters, four low-jitter ClockGenerator outputs, power control logic, voltage detections, thermal shutdown, UVLO and etc.

Data Sheet Package Info.
Rev.1.0 (Sep.19,2012)
  • High-efficiency DC/DC Converters x4ch
  • DCDC1: 1.5 /1.8V @ 2.0A (step-down)
  • DCDC2: 3.3V @ 0.6A (buck-boost)
  • DCDC3: 1.1 /1.15V @ 2.0A (step-down)
  • DCDC4: 1.2 /1.5 /1.8 /3.3 /5V @ 0.6A (buck-boost)
  • Voltage Detectors
  • UVLO: monitors the VDD1 pin voltage (for RD5T7319 operation)
  • VINDET: monitors the VDD1 pin voltage
  • RTCDET: monitors the VSB pin voltage
  • DETIO: monitors the VDDIO2 pin voltage
  • Serial Interface (I2C-BUS)
  • Fast-mode (100 kHz/400 kHz) support
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Alarm function
  • Coin charge regulator: 3.3V @10mA (For coin battery or capacitor)
  • One 32.768kHz CMOS output pin
  • Interrupt Controller (INTC)
  • Alarm interrupt and Periodic interrupt from RTC
  • And other interrupt
  • Reset Control
  • The reset is generated from RESETB and L0DET pin
  • External reset signal detection
  • Clock Generator
  • Two integrated phase-locked loops
  • Four configurable and low jitter outputs
  • Package
  • 49pin WLCSP-package (3.5mm x 3.5mm pin 0.5mm pitch)
  • Process
  • CMOS process
  • Portable Network Device

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