0.5µm CMOS Analog Mixed Mode

Process Outline

* 0.5μm P-Sub 1P3M(1-Poly and 3-Metal) Twin Well CMOS generic process.
* Transistor Characterizations are as follows;
Device Tr.type Vth[V] (*1) Ids[uA/um] Ioff[pA/um]
PMOS 6V Tr. -0.85 222 0.7
4V Tr. -0.85 120 0.15
Low Vth 3.3V -0.63 - 0.43
Std. CMOS 3.3V -0.73 112 0.13
5V I/O -0.80 120 < 1 (Max)
NMOS 6V Tr. 0.61 315 0.1
4V Tr. 0.63 358 0.2
Low Vth 3.3V 0.52 - 0.2
Std. CMOS 3.3V 0.79 327 0.08
5V I/O 0.95 372 < 1 (Max)
  • (*1)Extrapolated Threshold at Vd=0.1V
* Vth tunable to match customer's needs.

Option Modules

*Depletion Transistor.
*Vertical PNP Transistor.
*Triple well.
*2k-ohm/sq High Resistivity Poly Resister.
  * Tunable high resistivity poly to match customer's needs.

*Low temperature coefficient Poly Resistor.
*Double Poly Capacitor (PiP).
*Laser Trimming Fuse.

Design Environment

*BSIM3V3 based on analog oriented extraction is used for SPICE simulation.
*SPICE parameters are ready for HSPICE, SPECTRE and Smart SPICE.
*Characterization report is available.
*Logic libraries and I/O libraries are available.
*ESD protection circuit is available.

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